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GlideLux Professional Micro Steamer Portable Iron, Mini Handheld Steamer for Home and Travel

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GlideLux Professional Micro Steamer Portable Iron, Mini Handheld Steamer for Home and Travel

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Your Partner to Better Looking Clothes

What would smart, neat-looking clothes do for you? Wearing clothes that are clean, and well put-together can instantly upgrade your look. Wearing creased, folded clothes can also do the opposite thing – make you look like you are careless enough that you even forget to iron your clothes.

Our clothes leave some of the strongest impressions. Make sure what you wear always speaks well for you with the help of GlideLux electric handheld steamer.

GlideLux Features

  • Makes Ironing Clothes Easy On-the-Go. Getting luxe-looking, neat clothes are now possible even when you’re on the road. No need to bring those bulky flat irons – this convenient steam iron can help you get elegant-looking clothes in minutes. 
  • Large Capacity Steamer Can Handle Multiple Clothes. The capacity of the water tank is 3.4 fl oz – it is enough for up to 8 clothes! You can see the water level at any time. You can iron more pieces at the same time. The professional micro iron steam for clothes erases creases and folds in just a few minutes. 
  • Front Triangle Tip for Hard to Iron Areas. The front of the heating plate is designed in a triangular tip shape, allowing flexible ironing of tight areas such as buttons, lapels and collars, allowing details to be elegantly displayed.
  • One-button Operation. Hold the steam iron and use the trigger button to effectively remove wrinkles. Wrinkle removal is not only suitable for clothes, but also for curtains, tablecloths, bedding, sofas, etc.
  • Your portable clothes-saver!  The hand iron can save space, light weight, compact design, very suitable for travel and excursion use. It can be easily put into suitcases and backpacks, and can be easily carried anytime, anywhere.


  • size: 180X 75.5X 86 (mm)
  •  weight: about 14.11 oz
  • Rated power: 30W
  • Rated voltage: 110V.
  • Water tank capacity: 60ML
  • Material: PC, PBT, aluminum alloy, silicone

Package Includes:

  • 1 x steam iron
  • 1 x heat insulation cover
  • 1 x storage bag,
  • 1 x manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jean D. dorsey
Works like magic and easy to use!

I love this steamer!! I've been using it for a while now, and it's just perfect!
There's is nothing I hate more than ironing, and always try to avoid it. This steamer works like magic! Without taking out the ironing board, just hang it and move the steamer along the shirt, in one minute the shirt was ready to wear! I can decide every morning what I want to wear, and it will be ready to wear in no time! It's easy to use , small enough to travel with, and reasonable priced. I will definitely recommend others to buy it!

norman L. Reynolds
Great product

I bought this little guy because I never put my clothes away and they get all wrinkled. Seriously, I’m one lazy person. Lol

This steamer is small and compact but packs a punch for getting out wrinkles. It takes no time at all and is super easy to use.

Brittany T.tran
Very small but a powerful steam

Although it is small and you question if it will be a steamer you can use for clothing or larger project, it does work like a large steamer! The size is perfect to pack in luggage and has a powerful steam mist to rid your clothes of wrinkles. The size is lightweight and as my husband and I get older we appreciate the ease of using this.

sarah A. leaman
Works great!

Been using this for a couple of weeks now, usually iffy when I see a lot of good reviews on a thing- cant really trust whether or not these were just bribed reviews to boost the product ratings and whatnot. But I bought and used it anyways and from my personal experience its worth every penny. The steam heating output is a little slower than I thought but thats probably because of the way Ive been overworking mines (been slowly using it on my whole closet) . Its lighter than it looks and easy to use. Which is great since I never had a steamer before. Way better than an iron in my opinion. And my clothes come out feeling and looking so much more better than when I even first bought it, which is ultimately a pleasant surprise and bonus on my end.

christine R. Harris

Oh!!! my goodness, this is the best thing I have ever bought!!! I am a person who irons lots and being able to not bring out the ironing board (an old wooden one) every time I need to iron is GREAT! I can iron for an hour before my wrist begins to feel tired. It steams out the wrinkles, steams out the turned-up bottoms on my denim skirts, my husband's shirts. And all done standing up!!! I did have one years ago, and it was so heavy, I gave it away. So I really thought about this one before buying, and so glad I did buy. I am nearly 68 years old so if I can use it, well so can you!!!