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CofFine Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burrs, Includes 2 Glass Cups for Storing Ground Coffee

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CofFine Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burrs, Includes 2 Glass Cups for Storing Ground Coffee

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Get the freshest coffee possible, free from the inconsistent grinds and oxidization of electric grinders.


Your Cup of Coffee Is Now Made More Delicious with the CofFine Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr

Introducing the CofFine, the perfect coffee companion for all your brewing needs – the traditional design manual coffee grinder with ceramic burr. This portable grinder is designed with a long handle for ease of use, making it an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts who love the taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee.

The ceramic burr ensures consistent grind size for a perfect cup of coffee every time. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel, camping or just to keep on your kitchen counter. Get ready to elevate your coffee brewing experience with this must-have manual coffee grinder.

CofFine Coffee Grinder Features

Manual Coffee Grinder – No Need for Electricity!

Take your coffee brewing game to the next level with our compact, portable manual coffee grinder. Say goodbye to bulky electric grinders and tangled cords, as our hand grinder operates without batteries or power, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re camping, hiking, backpacking, or simply on-the-go, you can now brew freshly ground coffee beans with ease. Make every coffee moment a special one, no matter where you are, with our battery-free coffee hand grinder.

No Loud Motor Involved – Just the Beauty of the Hand-cranked Coffee Making Process

Experience the peace and quiet of coffee grinding with our convenient manual grinder. The removeable hand crank mechanism consistently reduces noise by over 90% compared to electric grinders.

Say goodbye to disruptive sounds and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee in the office, at home or even early in the morning without waking up your loved ones.

Features the Traditional Design That Retains The Flavor of the Ground Coffee During the Grinding Process

Get the ultimate coffee experience with our traditional, hand-held ceramic combo burr grinder. Inspired by the essence of Japanese cookware, our grinder undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure its durability.

With a design that lasts 5 times longer than stainless steel blades, you can enjoy fresh and flavorful coffee for years to come. Say goodbye to oxidation and retain the natural taste of your coffee with this traditional and efficient manual grinder.

Comes with A Durable Silicone Lid Cover, A Coffee Bean Holder for Beans Enough for a Cup of Coffee, and Two Class Jars Where You Can Store Your Ground Coffee

Elevate your coffee brewing experience with our manual coffee grinder. Equipped with two clear glass jars, you can easily store your coffee beans or grounds while on the go. The soft-touch silicone lid provides easy access to your beans, while the nonslip silicone base keeps the grinder securely in place during use.

With adjustable control, you can achieve a fine or coarse grind, giving you the precision and control you need to make your favorite coffee styles, including French Press, Drip Coffee, Espresso, and Turkish Brew.

Long handle Coffee Grinder for Precision Grounding

Grind your coffee beans with ease using our ergonomic manual grinder. The long stainless steel handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, making it easy to use and reducing hand fatigue.

This versatile grinder can also be used to grind other beans and is the perfect choice for coffee enthusiasts who want a comfortable and efficient way to grind their beans. Get the best taste out of your coffee with this user-friendly and reliable manual grinder.


  • Color: Black
  • Size: 16*17.5*9.5 cm
  • Bean warehouse capacity: 20 g
  • Weight: 452 g
  • Material: Thickened glass / silica gel / ABS
  • Grinding core material: ceramic

Packing List:

  • 1x Coffee grinder

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Nathan Holzer
Works great!

Have been using for 2 weeks, good product, corresponds to description.

Mary davis
Good coffee grinder

This handheld coffee grinder surpassed my expectations. The quality is good and the appliance has a solid feel. At the finest grind setting it took me about 2 min for a single coffee cup. Grinding a full container takes about 5-10 min and almost fills the bottom jar, enough for 4 large cups.
Overall I'm pretty happy with this purchase.

Gary Crothers
It does what i was expecting, so no complaint for me ;)

It works just fine ! The only thing that can be hard at the beginning it's to find the perfect grind size for the type of brewing we want to do. But if you give it a try and experiment a bit you'll love this grinder

Julie L. Gilmer
Working so far

I bought a packet of coffee beans instead of ground coffee by mistake. So, chose the cheapest grinder with decent reviews. It's easy to put together, I used it twice so far ,doesn't take long. Not sure if I will start intentionally buying beans after this packet, but so far so good.

Pam garton
So good value

Bought this as I’d purchased beans by accident. Great value. Love that I can make really fine expresso and less finer ground. Yes it takes manual effort but I tend to do the grinding while I wait for the kettle to boil. It’s not that much time. I’d say 5 mins gives enough for a coffee, 30 mins fills the storage container. No electricity and some exercise. Win win.