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Perfectgrind Manual Coffee Grinder with 6 Adjustable Grind Settings,Strong Ceramic Burr, Rust-free Material,Makes Up to 3 Tablespoons per Grind

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Perfectgrind Manual Coffee Grinder with 6 Adjustable Grind Settings,Strong Ceramic Burr, Rust-free Material,Makes Up to 3 Tablespoons per Grind

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Welcome the Mornings with Fine, Freshly-Ground Coffee Everyday with the PerfectGrind Coffee Grinder 


Maximize the flavor of your Arabica, Robusto, Liberica, or Excelsa beans with a PerfectGrind coffee grinder. 

With conical burr grinders that allow you to grind the exact amount of beans needed for a single cup or pot, you can enjoy well-preserved, fresh, flavorful coffee oils whenever you need a cup. 

The PerfectGrind comes with 6 adjustable settings that makes it possible to grind whatever type of coffee beans you have. 

This hand-crank coffee grinder is portable and comes with a compact size that makes it easy to bring anywhere. 

Treat yourself to a cup of delicious, fresh, authentic coffee made from home – or from anywhere – with the PerfectGrind portable coffee grinder. 


“I’m a big coffee fan, and I want nothing but freshly ground coffee to really satisfy my cravings. I found the PerfectGrind and I’m never going back. Even if it’s hand-cranked, it still produces super fine coffee which makes each drink smooth. I bring this to the office, too. The coffee grinder can grind enough amount of coffee beans for one cup of coffee.” – Sasha, Customer Advocate, MS

Why Choose PerfectGrind Coffee Grinder

  • MAKES YOUR COFFEE MORE FLAVORFUL. Grinding beans as needed with our hand coffee grinder ensures maximum freshness, aroma and sipping satisfaction.
  • COMES WITH 6 COARSENESS SETTINGS FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF BEANS. This coffee grinder with ceramic burr lets you choose the size of your grounds. This versatile hand grinder for coffee is ideal for Turkish coffee, pour-over, cold and immersion brewing.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CERAMIC BURR THAT DOES NOT DULL. It is harder than steel burrs and lasts up to twice as long. With more surfaces for bean crushing.
  • GIVES YOU EVENLY-GROUNDED COFFEE. This Coffee and Espresso Grinder produces even and consistent grinds that will prevent you from getting coarse, less-flavored coffee.
  • DURABLY CONSTRUCTED. The PerfectGrind comes with rustproof stainless steel, ceramic and glass. This coffee burr grinder is enduring and easy to maintain. Its elegant brush finish makes it a lovely addition to your coffee bar.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE at home or on-the-go, you can enjoy a fresh batch of pure coffee.
  • HAND-CRANKED COFFEE GRINDER THAT REQUIRES NO ELECTRICITY. Wake up with robust coffee from beans ground on-demand with our hand crank coffee grinder.

Achieve Brewing Perfection

The most satisfying cup of coffee starts with the right grounds. PerfectGrind Manual Coffee Grinders let you tailor the coarseness of your beans to your coffee-making style, wherever you are. Our hand-crank coffee bean grinders have adjustable settings so you can create ultra-fine grounds, medium grounds and very coarse grounds to suit Turkish coffee, espresso, pour-over and more.

  • Manual grinders can be used at home & for travel
  • Easily adjust coarseness for customized grinding
  • Grinding beans as needed ensures freshest flavor
  • Sharp ceramic grinding burr resists dulling
  • Sleek SS housing is rustproof & long-lasting
  • Glass grounds catcher is dishwasher-safe
  • Hand-crank with wooden knob turns smoothly
  • Compact & portable for home, vacation & camping

Coffee To Go

PerfectGrind Manual Burr Grinders for coffee beans fit in the palm of your hand. They occupy little space on your coffee station, and they can easily slip into a kitchen drawer or even a travel bag for freshly-ground coffee in hotels or in the great outdoors. Treat house guests, work colleagues or fellow campers to eye-opening espressos, light roasts and satisfying decafs.

Share Your Secret

End their search for the perfect cup of coffee when you bestow HAIYUECOFEE Hand Coffee Grinders as Mother’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts or birthday gifts. With their sleek designs and tasteful packaging, they are destined to impress all who receive them. These efficient handheld coffee grinders also make thoughtful housewarming gifts or wedding gifts for couples.

Select Your Grind

HAIYUECOFEE Manual Coffee Bean Grinders are available with your choice of 6  adjustability levels. A simple turn of the adjustment ring sets the burr to the coarseness you desire. Create an extra-fine grind similar to the size and feel of sugar, which is ideal for Turkish coffee. Medium and coarse grinds suit automatic coffee makers, French press and cold brew.

Stylish and Sturdy

Our portable coffee grinder mills are built to be impressive and enduring components of your espresso accessories. The hardwearing premium ceramic burr is ensconced in a rustproof 304 stainless steel housing. The cranking handle is also stainless steel, outfitted with a beautiful natural wood knob. Grounds are collected in a clear glass catch jar for easy dispensing.

Package  Include

  • 1*coffee grinders

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Robert J. Allen
Ease of use and great quality

Amazing product, easy to use and easy to clean. I be honest just sitting there and enjoying the weather while grinding coffee beans, it makes you feel like you attained everything in life. I don't know if I found enlightenment or was it just the great smell of coffee but this thing is amazing in it's simplicity.

Carlos Hall
Great little mill

Hand-milling is a little more work than an electric grinder, but the results are worth it. This little unit is infinitel variable and does not brutalize the beans in the same fashion as am electric grinder. It takes very little space, so can be used anywhere.

Edward major
very used

This is a great manual coffee grinder. It's very convenient to use. It's easy to clean and maintain. Just unscrew the bolt on the bottom of the grinderand rinse it with warm water. It's ready to use. recommend

Oscar swett
An impressive and versatile grinder

I bought this as an emergency reserve grinder for times when, for whatever reason, an electric grinder isn't available. It grinds perfectly - the adjustable coarseness dial covers most requirements and I have been particularly impressed by the French Press setting. The hopper holds three doses, so, in a couple of minutes, you have enough for a full press, which is ideal for making up a flask to take with you on your travels. Sure, it takes a strong grip and some wrist strength, but the result is well worth the effort. It's also very easy to brush clean after use.

Christopher Papadopoulos
good hand grinder

Value for money.
The receptacle is glass so that preserves flavor.
The turning handle feels a bit delicate.
Feels value for money