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InfaSlid Light and Airy Convertible Carrier, Support for 4 Interchangeable Positions, Lumbar and Head Support | Adjustable Waist Belt | Ergonomic Seat | Plush Straps

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InfaSlid Light and Airy Convertible Carrier, Support for 4 Interchangeable Positions, Lumbar and Head Support | Adjustable Waist Belt | Ergonomic Seat | Plush Straps

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Bring Your Baby with You Everywhere Without Giving Them Discomfort With the InfaSlid Baby Carrier That Supports 4 Seating Styles in Full Comfort Design 

Chill Like a Baby — This is How Convenient the InfaSlid is for Mum, Dad, and Little One!

Experience ultimate comfort and versatility with the InfaSlid 4-in-1 Light & Airy Convertible Baby Carrier. Perfect for farmers market excursions, park walks, or daily household tasks, the breathable mesh design provides excellent ventilation while your baby clings to you.

The carrier is designed with both parents and babies in mind, featuring an ergonomic seat that adjusts as your child grows from infancy to toddlerhood, along with adjustable padded straps and a customizable baby head support. This carrier is the ultimate money saver for parents who want to make the most out of their carriers!

The soft and easy-to-clean mesh fabric not only offers maximum airflow but also makes it a convenient option for parents on the go.

The InfaSlid comes with four carrying options – facing-in folded seat, facing-in expanded seat, facing-out, and back carry – this baby carrier can accommodate children weighing between 8-32lbs. Get ready to have an extra set of hands with the InfaSlid 4-in-1 Light & Airy Convertible Baby Carrier.


  • The InfaSlid Flip 4-in-1 Light & Airy Convertible Baby Carrier Provides Ultimate Versatility With its Four Carrying Options. The InfaSlid can cater facing-in folded seat, facing-in expanded seat, facing-out, and back carry. These options allow you to carry your child in the way that feels most comfortable for both of you.
  • The carrier is made with a breathable mesh fabric that offers full airflow, ensuring both you and your baby stay cool and comfortable during your babywearing journey. The extra-padded breathable shoulder straps and head support for your baby offer maximum comfort for both you and your little one.
  • The adjustable waist belt is designed to provide a supportive fit, with lumbar support to ensure a just-right fit for you. The carrier also features a natural ergonomic “M” seat position that supports your baby in the proper position for ultimate comfort and support.
  • Easy to Clean baby carrier! The InfaSlid is machine-wash friendly and doesn’t sport lint even when washed by hand or by a machine.
  • The straps are made with high quality stitching and support to prevent accidents from happening while you’re carrying the baby. The padded strap plus its reinforced stitching helps hold the baby without the risks of the straps falling off.


Adjustable Support

Designed for customisable support with easy to adjust straps for maximum comfort for parent and baby no matter where your adventures take you.

There’s no place like close

The easy to adjust design makes for a completely customisable fit while the adjustable weight belt redistributes your little one’s weight for a more comfortable fit.

Let’s go places together

The ergonomic design of the Flip 4-in-1 Light and Airy Carrier encourages healthy bone and muscle development while allowing you two to enjoy and explore the world together.

Grows with your little one

Designed to be easy to use as well as comfortable for parent and baby with soft materials and a variety of ways to wear, for a carrier that grows with your little one.

Box Contains

  • 1 x 4-in-1 Convertible carrier

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Emily cameron

This is my first time having a carrier that allows me to wear my babies facing forward. I have enjoyed being able to wear them while cooking in the kitchen, while doing other household duties, and while being outside. The one feature I have love most about this carrier is that it is breathable and I don’t get too hot. I have had other carriers where I get extra sweaty to where I don’t want to use them. I have enjoyed the quality of the fabric and the color. I would recommend this to all my mama friends and would definitely buy it again.

Ashley bowen

This carrier is great for when it's hot out, or you live in a warm weather environment! The mesh is cool and lightweight! The carrier itself is so light and airy. It was comfortable for me to carry my little one on my back, and she was comfortable too! Without sweating, and getting overheated. I love that you can choose how you want to carry your little one. It's always nice to have options. It is a little hard to put baby in and out when you back carry them and and does require an extra person to help, which can be annoying, especially if you're in a hurry. But otherwise I like the carrier and found it to be comfortable.

Sara Eder

This is the second carrier I own and I absolutely love both of them! I chose the light and airy carrier for the spring and summer months because of the breathable fabric. My son is 6 months old and he loves being worn on both the front and the back! No matter which way I wear him the carrier is super comfy and supportive. I love the padded shoulder straps and thick waistband. Even after hours of baby wearing I am still comfortable!

Mildred Fox

This carrier is my lifesaver. My baby is so clingy, he is like a koala bear. He always wants to be carried. So when I received this carrier I was so excited to use it. It was so easy to use and its adjustable, my husband can use it too. I am so happy cause I can use my two hands now while wearing my baby.

Fern Edwards
This changed my life!!!

Once you understand how all the straps work it’s really quite easy to change the positions. My baby is 20 pounds and this supports him perfectly and DOESNT HURT MY BACK!! I can finally get things done. Happy baby. Happy Momma! I like this cheaper one better than other more expensive brands.