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SnippyGreen No Bend Mini Pavement Tiles Weeder

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SnippyGreen No Bend Mini Pavement Tiles Weeder

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Say No More to Long Bending Hours Against Weeds with SnippyGreen

Want to get rid of those annoying weeds growing between pavers most easily and conveniently? Introducing the secret professional gardeners use to get the job done quick and easy—the SnippyGreen!

Our SnippyGreen Mini Weeder is an excellent solution to end all the bending, kneeling, and tiring process of rooting out weeds in your tiled pavements, walkways, backyard, and so on. It uses a rolling method that effectively pierces through the roots of grass and weeds growing between pavers in just one swift move. This stand-up weeder adjusts accordingly to your height so that you can say “NO” to bending, kneeling, or even slouching while getting rid of those unwanted plants.

The SnippyGreen is used by many gardeners and professional landscape cleaners to clear weeds out. It’s easy, convenient, and less tiring compared to the traditional way of rooting out weeds.


  • Easy-to-Use, Adjustable Weeder: Clean all the weeds out without putting much effort with SnippyGreen. This easy-to-use solution against grass or weeds growing in your tiled pavements. Its height is adjustable, so you can maintain proper posture while rooting out those unwanted plants.
  • Made with Premium-Grade ABS Stainless Steel: The SnippyGreen is sturdy enough to get rid of those grasses and weeds in just one swift move. This design allows you to effectively clean out your walkways, backyards, or patios without spending too much effort.
  • Pointed Hook: Our stand-up weeder comes with a pointed hook specifically designed to uproot grasses and weeds easily. The size fits the space between pavers so that you can remove weeds quickly.
  • Wheeled Weeder: We’ve fitted a wheeling system to reduce the stress and pressure on your wrist and shoulder while rooting out weeds. The SnippyGreen doesn’t require you to put a lot of force while cleaning so that you’ll feel relaxed while getting rid of those unwanted grass.


  • Brand Name: SnippyGreen
  • Size: 23cm
  • Shrink Size: 50cm
  • Stretching Size: 80cm
  • Stainless Steel: ABS
  • Weight: 500G

Package Contents:

  • 1 * Weeding Head
  • 1*Telescopic handle

Why is SnippyGreen Your Best Solution to Your Weed Problem?

If you’ve been dealing with a lot of back pain while rooting out weeds in your backyard, then you’ll know why SnippyGreen is a MUST-HAVE! Effectively removing those grasses and weeds while standing reduces tons of stress in keeping your backyard weed-free.

Here are other benefits the SnippyGreen can offer:

  1. No More Bending or Kneeling: Regardless of age, keeping your backyard, walkway, or patio weed-free takes a lot of work. Pulling out weeds isn’t as easy as it sounds. With SnippyGreen, you can effectively remove these nuisances in just one swift move, reducing the effort you spend than doing it old style.
  2. Takes Out Even the Toughest Grass: Our stand-up weeder comes with a pointed hook to pierce through the grassroots. Once the SnippyGreen runs through every paver, you’re guaranteed that grass and weeds come along with it.
  3. Conveniently Gets the Job Done: You don’t have to spend too much effort trying to keep your outdoors weed-free. The SnippyGreen comes with the necessary features to make the job seamless. Its height is adjustable to ensure you stand straight and prevent unwanted back and joint pains while rooting out weeds.

Rolling Method

The SnippyGreen uses a rolling method to remove weeds in your tiled pavements effectively. Accompanied with a pointed hook, both features help reduce the stress you feel while keeping your outdoors weed-free.

Adjustable Height

It’s a convenience at its finest. The SnippyGreen ensures that you won’t have to deal with bending, kneeling, or slog while rooting out weeds. Our adjustable height features allow you to set the length of the device accordingly so that you’ll feel relaxed while doing the job. This gardening/cleaning tool is highly recommended by professional landscape cleaners plucking out weeds and grass for multiple houses in a day.

Pointed Hooks and Accessibility

The SnippyGreen comes with a pointed hook that works effectively in plucking out weeds and grass. It’s made of stainless steel, so it won’t break regardless if you have tiled or stoned pavement. You can also equip other hooks that fit your needs. The pointed hook and wheels are attached using a screwing system, which you can replace easily.

The Best Stand-up Weeder

We’re proud to say that the SnippyGreen is one of the most trusted tools used by gardeners and professional landscapers. Its easy-to-use and straightforward operation make it a game-changer in the long and tiring process of keeping houses weed-free. Clean your home’s outdoors the professional way with SnippyGreen!


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ron T. mcDermott
The ultimate weapon against taproot weeds

I live in Orange County near the foothills and have rock hard clay soil that somehow still welcomes in these mallow weeds with massive taproots. I am not even remotely exaggerating when I say that I can put on gloves, wrap my hands around the root, and lean my entire 130 lbs of body weight back and either a) make no impact whatsoever, or b) snap the above ground parts off, leaving the taproot to return to haunt me another day. My strong-as-an-ox husband has no better luck. I was very skeptical that this thing was going to do the trick. I mean, how could a 100 year old technology not be utterly ubiquitous if it works, right? WRONG. This is gardening's best kept secret. In a matter of maybe 5 minutes (I was just trying to test it out), this tool had cleanly popped out the entire taproots of dozens upon dozens of weeds, saving me hours of work and LOADS of back pain. I'd previously given up on an area of ​​my yard, but I think maybe, just maybe, I might be able to take it back with my new secret weapon.

michelle E. McDaniel
My new favorite had tool for the yard and garden

This is a very nice tool - it fits the hand well, is sturdy,maybe the best saw edge yet on a garden tool. It easily cuts through roots underground. It is narrow enough to use as a weeder like a dandelion tool, yet wide enough for small bulb planting and a lot of other uses. I just used it to harvest leeks, sawing through the mass of roots like nothing else would. I can easily carry it in my back pocket and use it for different things as I work around the yard and garden. The built-in measure is nice for planting. Very versatile and easy to clean.

John M. Baxter
Better than dandelion weeder

This worked much better than the dandelion weeder because the wider spade and deeper fork really helped loosen the soil so the fork could easily catch the deep rooted Canada thistle and dandelions in my raised vegetable beds and allowed the entire length of root to be removed. I used this for about 2 hours and actually look forward to weeding again...no really, because now I feel as though my weeding is actually not just popping off the top inch of plant and root only to appear again in several days.

Carol A. Allie
Highly recommend

I love this for the cracks in my driveway way and it saves me so much time from being in my knees, spraying the weeds and etc... great product!!!

jesus M. Lee
nice weeder

I've used this a few times so far. It seems sturdy and well made. I've used the saw edge and notched cutting groove to trim some dead plant material and find both useful. Not great for dandelions that are in a tight spot like between a brick and a wall since it is curved, but I can move the brick. I've also used it to transplant seedlings. I would recommend this product.