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WeedScapx Stand Up Weed Puller – 39.3″ Ferroalloy Weeder with 3-Segment Adjustable Long Handle, 4 Steel Claws for Effortless Weed Removal, Say Goodbye to Bending or Kneeling!

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WeedScapx Stand Up Weed Puller – 39.3″ Ferroalloy Weeder with 3-Segment Adjustable Long Handle, 4 Steel Claws for Effortless Weed Removal, Say Goodbye to Bending or Kneeling!

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Your MUST-HAVE for Weed Maintenance!

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or starting, you know very well that weeds are what we call “garden killers.” Keeping your garden weed-free is one of the cardinal rules of ensuring your garden stays healthy and thriving. However, the problem with weeding is it’s tiring and energy-draining. Without the right tools, you’ll see yourself spending a lot of time rooting out weeds instead of focusing on the health of your seedlings. And the worst part is, you’ll encounter back and joint pains that take away the joy in gardening.

The WeedScapx is a must-have for garden maintenance. It’s the best solution to reduce the stress you feel while clearing out weeds and prevent the excruciating pain caused by bending, pulling, or kneeling. The WeedScapx is inspired by the original weed puller invented in 1913. With a little touch of modern technology, this stand-up weeder is a blessing to all gardeners and enthusiasts for its “no bending, no hand pulling support.”

It’s time to experience comfort in weed maintenance with WeedScapx!


WeedScapx Features:

  • Ergonomic Design: Our version of the original weed puller guarantees to save your back and knees from pain by eliminating the need to kneel or bend repetitively. This stand-up weeder is ergonomically designed to keep weed maintenance as comfortable as possible.
  • Easy to Use: With WeedScapx, there’s no complicated instruction for weed maintenance. All you need to do is thrust the metal claw into the weed center and tilt the handle to pry the weed out. It’s as easy as a stick-and-pull method.
  • All Natural: We guarantee safety not just for your garden but also for those using our device. The WeedScapx controls weeds without chemicals, so it’s safe for use around kids and animals.
  • Durable: WeedScapx speaks quality from use down to the materials. The hand-cast steelhead is powder-coated to stand up to hard use, and the body is made of hardwood for added durability. Our design could stand even the hardest of grass, giving you the peace of mind in keeping your garden weed-free.


Inspired by the Original Weed Puller, Delivering Impeccable Support

The WeedScapx centers on delivering quality service that’s been effective for hundreds of years. Our stand-up weeder comes with all the key features you need to make weed maintenance a breeze. With the help of modern technology, we’ve transformed this gardening must-have into a simple, convenient, and durable tool that would last you for a long time.

Our design has been praised by many gardeners and enthusiasts, and we’re happy to deliver this upgrade to every home to make gardening a fun, stress-free, and relaxing activity for everyone to enjoy.


You suggest we listen. Our WeedScapx now comes stronger than ever! With a reinforced bamboo long handle and powder-coated metal construction, you can now tackle even the most persistent of weeds. This must-have gardening tool is more effective and safer than root-cutting machines that cost a lot of money and contribute to global warming. With the WeedScapx, you don’t have to get your nails dirty or your backs aching to pluck out garden weeds. Do it smartly and efficiently with WeedScapx.

Simple Design That Works

Sometimes, what works in the past is far better than the future. And when it comes to gardening, the old ways are still the most effective. The WeedScapx combines the innovation of the past and presents to bring you a design that ACTUALLY works. No gimmick, just efficiency in keeping your garden weed-free.


How to Use?

  • Step 1: Center over weed
  • Step 2: Press into the ground
  • Step 3: Lean handle


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Bill C. smith
Gets the weeds out without hurting my back

This tool makes it so much better to get rid of weeds. I can do it while standing up and not cause any injuries. I'm so glad it also came with the hand weeding tool as well since I can have my daughter help me out.

I got this Weed Puller,Weed Puller Tool,49" Long Handle Stand Up Weeder and Weed Puller,Gardening Hand Tools,with 4-Claw iron Head Design for Dandelion,Weeder Root Tool Without Bending,for Backyard Lawn patio in today and assembled it and used it and it works great.

silas E. West
Works great!

I absolutely LOVE this tool! My neighbor had showed me one he has had for like the last 40 years and he loves it. This one is a tiny bit different (the handle isn't as long as his and his "claws " that go into the ground look a little different) but that's ok! The hubby and I have a HUGE backyard project we have been working on all spring/summer and we would not have been able to do most of the work without this tool! It pulls out weeds... big and small...and really grabs them by the roots! We are a little (ahem) older and can't bend down as often and this provides us with a way to pull up all these nasty weeds without breaking our backs!
This is my new favorite back yard tool hands down!
Just remember you have to know how this works...you find the middle of the weed...stick the claws in...step down on the "hammer head" not what it's called but that is what I call it lol and then bend the weeder towards the hammer head....that's what pulls it out of the ground...took me a minute to figure that out so just trying to help lol...I recommend this tool 100,000 times over and have actually in fact sent a link to many people to buy this after showing them what it can do. And no I have NOT been paid or given anything for free I genuinely LOVE this weeder! What are you waiting for buy it now

paul K. adams
Highly recommend

It's long enough, so it can be used by someone like me, 6fts, without hurting my back. It goes deep into the grass to get the weed I recommend these items. It changes the way we deal with weeds, especially when we want to avoid too much chemicals.

Alaina J. pierce
Grandpa's Got Weeds!

Let's go pull weeds. This is the best little weed puller that I have found. I used the one from Fiskers but it broke. I bought this one and it works Fantastic. It doesn't leave a large divot. My only complaint is that the weed can sometimes be difficult to get out of the puller. I just keep a large screwdriver in my left hand and use it to push the weed out.

Claudia M. tapia
Why did I wait so long

This tool is a must have...

I don't know WHY I waited so long to pull the trigger on buying this thing.

It makes easy work of weeds and saves you hours of time bent over.

My only advice is to not use it when the ground is too wet or the mud will cake up the tool and slow you down.