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NightCap Striped Mushroom Glass Desk Lamp

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NightCap Striped Mushroom Glass Desk Lamp

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Sleep more soundly every night with the NightCap Striped Mushroom Glass Desk Lamp!

This lovely glass mushroom desk lamp is just perfect for creating a more relaxing environment in your bedroom or in your little ones!

It emits a soft glow and features an adorable mushroom-shaped design with an open, angular top and bulbed base. The entire body is made of glass in a stripe pattern for a fresh effect.

The NightCap is compact, fluorescent compatible, and will surely be your new bedtime essential. Adults will love it. Kids won’t be able to go to sleep without it.


  • Vintage Striped Mushroom Design. This shape and pattern have been widely popular as home decor since the 70s and have carried on till the modern day.
  • Quality Frosted Glass Material. This desk lamp is created from premium natural frosted glass and expertly hand-blown with enhanced streamlined stripes.
  • Dimmable To Set The Right Mood. You can choose between three color temperatures—cool white, warm white, and low light modes—for a relaxing evening.
  • Simply Plug And Enjoy. The NightCap is easy to use, USB rechargeable, and even doubles as a power bank to charge your electronics.

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x Mushroom Lamp