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MuzkaStill Universal Guitar Stand for Acoustic Electric and Classical Guitar and Bass Guitars

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MuzkaStill Universal Guitar Stand for Acoustic Electric and Classical Guitar and Bass Guitars

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Your Guitar Now Has a Home

The way we care for our stuff shows how much we value them. Making sure that the things we own are properly kept and taken care of can also ensure us they will last for a long time. If you’re a musician or someone who owns a significant collection of guitars, you may have probably wondered how to properly care for them. That is where guitar stands come in handy – they ensure that your precious traditional and classic guitars and big string instruments have a proper place.

The MuzkaStill guitar stand will give guitar owners additional peace of mind that their favorite instruments won’t get ruined and kicked all over the place. Having a MuzkaStill is like giving your guitar a home. Whether for display or for guitar care, the MuzkaStill can come in handy!


  • Keeps your guitar protected from scratching, and breaking. The guitar stand is designed to provide better stability in housing your instrument. The stand comes with 4 rubber pads on the bottom to prevent it from slipping. No need to worry about your guitar falling and breaking. The handles are covered with a special, thick sponge so they won’t leave marks and scratches on the guitar.
  • Can handle different kinds of guitars. Not all guitars are made equal. While classic guitars come in at a lightweight feel, the same cannot be said with electric guitars. The MuzkaStill is designed to durably handle both classic and electric guitars without breaking!
  • Foldable design to make storage easier. Are you worried that your guitar stand will just give additional bulk to your space? Not with the MuzkaStill. This guitar stand is made with a foldable design that makes it easy to store and keep when not in use.
  • A-frame design for all. This universal A-frame guitar stand is compatible with a number of instruments including the 3/4 acoustic-electric guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, mandolins, violin, kids guitar, etc. If you are looking for a guitar stand that provides organization and protection, our electric guitar stands will be the best option.

Foldable Guitar Stand That is Easy to Store

The guitar work stand is easy to fold and light and takes up almost no space. The MuzkaStill can easily be stored and is very suitable for travel, home, work, and study.

Stable Foundation with Sponge Padding

The stepped yoke is covered with soft padding to ensure your instruments won’t go falling all over the place. This feature also ensures you your floor and guitar won’t get scratches.


  • Material: Iron and foam pad.
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.5Kg

Package contains:

  • 1* guitar stand.