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Knitiva 48-Needle Professional Knitting Machine

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Knitiva 48-Needle Professional Knitting Machine

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Take Your Knitting Experience to the Next Level with Knitiva!

Our Knitting Machine is designed to fulfill everything you aspire to create. From sweaters to fair isle knitting, we got all the things you need into one smart knitting device. Whether you’re a professional or a newbie, the Knitiva is equipped with all your essentials to make knitting a relaxing and fulfilling experience. With over hundreds of orders worldwide, we’re proud to say that our Knitiva Knitting Machine is one of the MUST-HAVE for people who love to weave in their past time.

Why are People Switching to Knitiva for Their Knitting Needs?

The answer is simple: we’ve combined all your knitting essentials into one. The device is simple to follow and use and requires less effort than traditional knitting or other devices. Moreover, it comes with top-notch features that make your knitting experience a walk in the part so that you can create beautiful pieces in just a matter of minutes.

More About the Knitiva

Simple Operation

With our Knitiva’s manual crank, you can make flat or round needles in a few seconds. You just need to screw the yarn into the spindle and turn the crank to start knitting your unique gifts. You can create a flat or round stitch without spending too much effort, making this machine ideal for beginners.

Fast Knitting Result

With this knitting machine, the knitting speed can be increased by 20 times! Traditional hand-knitting takes 20 hours to complete a scarf, but it only takes about one hour with the Knitiva Knitting Machine. No need to spend too much time to perfect a simple piece—Knitiva will deliver the best result at least effort and time.

Convenient Row Counter

This knitting machine is designed with a row counter, so you don’t need to spend effort counting the stitches by yourself. Even if you stop knitting in the middle, you still know how many stitches to start next time. If you’ve been knitting for quite a while, you’ll know valuable this feature is in making your knitting adventure less stressful.

Two Weaving Method and Design Features

To make your weaving experience worthwhile, we’ve added two weaving methods to accommodate more designs you wish to create. The Knitiva comes with a plain weave or P-gear and T-gear weaving that delivers the best results every time. The plain weave, P-gear reduces the number of needles needed to create a scarf, bag, sweater, pillow, clothes, etc. Meanwhile, the T-gear focuses on the circular method of knitting that requires a fixed number of needles to weave hats, gloves, cloth dolls, or anything round-shaped.

Fun and Satisfying Knitting Experience for Your and Your Family

If you’re someone who wishes to share this passion of yours with your kids or friends, the Knitiva is the PERFECT match. Designed with beautiful aesthetics and easy-to-use features, it’ll make your bonding over knitting activity a memorable one. With Knitiva, parents and kids can work together, complete the knitting work, helping enhance the parent-child relationship, and improve children’s hands-on ability. The finished knitting work can be given as a special gift to friends or family.

How to Use the Two Weaving Method?

Rotate the handle until the white crochet hook is aligned with the yarn guide, and then leave a 30cm length of yarn in the middle of the machine to lift the yarn into the white crochet hook. Turn the handle clockwise, and then thread the yarn through the hook. Finally, come out of the yarn guide and pass the yarn through the tensioner.

Use of P-gear (Plain Weaving)

The P-gear is used to create pieces using the plain weave method. After the first lap, it will get stuck, then please rotate in the opposite direction. It needs to rotate back and forth. The width of the fabric can be woven according to the needs of users. The width is about 32 cm, and the length can be customized. The customer should weave a piece of cloth first and then splice it.

Use of T-gear (Circular Weaving)

The T gear can be knitted in a circular weave. In the first loop, the crochet hook needs to be cross-hooked. Rotate clockwise to woven into a cylindrical fabric. After completion, it can be used as a hat or scarf. The diameter of the circular knit is approximately 24cm.


How to Use the Knitiva?

  • Casting on: The first needle should be in the hook and the second needle on the back of the needle.
  • If you want to tube knit, you need to turn the handle clockwise. And if you want to plain knit, you need to turn the handle counterclockwise until it stops.
  • When you hear a “crack” and can’t turn, please turn in the opposite direction.

Installation Steps:

Product Includes:

  • Crochet
  • Hand Configuration * 2
  • Wire Rack
  • Wool Thread (4 * bundles of wool, 2 * large and 2 * small)
  • 1 * Manual
  • 1 * Screwdriver
  • Accessory Package (4 suction cups, 4 screws, 1 soft pad)