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HeartyLift Pregnancy Support Belt Maternity and Postpartum Belly Band

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HeartyLift Pregnancy Support Belt Maternity and Postpartum Belly Band

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

A Little Lift Could Go a Long Way!

The further you get along in your pregnancy, the more pressure there is on your back and pelvic region. And if left unattended, it could lead to growing pains in your back, legs, and stomach, making the whole pregnancy experience a horrible one. Sometimes, a little “lift” could outweigh all the bad, and HeartyLift is here to do that for you. Our Pregnancy Belly Band is designed to help you ease your discomfort and support your body in a way that relieves pain. With our specialized design as part of your pregnancy essentials, your lower back and abdomen are well-supported to ensure a safe and comforting pregnancy. It even helps redistribute your weight off your bladder, so you spend less time in the bathroom!

The HeartyLift Difference:

  • Designed by medical professionals from Boston University (USA, Massachusetts) in 2017 to deliver the safest and comforting support to pregnant moms.
  • Designed to fit throughout pregnancy by leveraging proven techniques to keep you and your baby safe and happy.
  • It comes with 4 adjustable modes to support you in all trimesters.
  • The HeartyLift Grips your skin perfectly, equalizing pressure to prevent stretch marks and reinforce comfort.
  • No bulky feeling; the HeartyLift works invisibly under your clothes.
  • Designed with a special velcro that doesn’t stick to fabric to allow a soft and conforming use.
  • Suitable for standing work, office moms

Expect These Amazing Features:

  • Supportive:The HeartyLift comfortably wraps around your waist and lower back to ease the pressure and discomfort you feel from your growing belly bump. So, in those times when you need a little lifting, the HeartyLift is here to the rescue.
  • Lower Back Discomfort Relief: With its specially designed bands that leverages science and proven techniques, the HeartyLift redistributes weight more evenly around the waist and lower back to relieve pressure and discomfort.
  • Discreet:You can wear the pregnancy belt both under and over clothing, so you don’t have to compromise your OOTDs while feeling relaxed and comfortable.
  • Comfortable Design: The belt is comfy to wear and promotes various benefits to the pregnant mama, including less frequent trips to the bathroom due to bladder pressure.
  • Prevents Stretch Marks: Designed to help reduce the chance of developing stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Adjustable:The 3-inch wide design is 100% adjustable to accommodate your individual size. Material is stretchy & breathable.

HeartyLift is Best For:

💡Recommended by Pediatricians

The HeartyLift provides support for your big belly so that you can move at ease with reduced chances of back and hip pain via pelvic support. It also works to correct your posture and hold your baby in the right position to ensure safety all the time. The HeartyLift is suitable for all pregnant mommas who engage in prenatal yoga training sessions.

The HeartyLift is also great as a waist shapewear for seamless curves.


Product Details:

The HeartyLift uses the highest quality micro-thread technology for the best and safest support for mom and baby during each trimester! Made from innovative, super soft, 2-way stretch lightweight material, we target, prevent, and eliminate common pregnancy aches and pains like no other.

2 Available Finishes to Choose: Classic and Lace.


  1. Center the abdominal pad under your abdomen and attach it with hooks and loops fabric with the desired level of support.
  2. Cut the hooks and loops band labeled “Cut the extra hooks and loops band you don’t need” to keep a length that matches the border of the abdominal pad. The hooks and loops band should cover the abdominal pad but should not exceed. As the belly grows and the position of the hooks and loops fabric on the abdominal pad changes, you might want to cut the hooks and loops the band again (more explanations below).
  3. Attach the hooks and loops fabric of the back support to the location on the abdominal pad that provides the desired tension.
  4. To help keep the support in place and keep from sliding down, stretch the top strap over your stomach and attach both sides to the hooks and loops fabric on the back support.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Naomi C. mcMahan
Helped a lot!

I have had this brace for 2 days and it’s perfect. It took me a little bit to figure out how to put it on but once I did I didn’t want to take it off. I am 31 weeks pregnant and this helps a lot with the back pain

Harold L. prowell

Oh my gosh. I just hit 30 weeks a few days ago and when i tell the back pain has been terrible. The moment i figured out how to put this on. The relief i felt was so amazing i started crying. AMAZING product. Absolutely in love

Miles P. jones
Wife said it a great product

I got this for my wife whom is currently at the 28 week mark. Fortunately, for her she has had a relatively symptom-free pregnancy thus far. However the last few weeks she has been experiencing pain associated with her abdomen growing. I read the reviews on this, and gave this to her as an early Christmas gift (so to speak), and she said it instantly relieved her pain because of the way it cradles her belly. She is extremely happy with this, and not to mention it extends lower so it also allows for her to continue wearing some of her clothes. She tells me it’s a great product. I’ll trust her since she’s doing all the work.

Kari T. carter
Best Back & pelvic pregnancy pain reliever!!

ORDER NOW! I’ve had this belt since I was 21 weeks when I lost a different one I ordered that doesn’t compare to this! I guess it was meant to be because this is AMAZING! With my first pregnancy I had excruciating pelvic griddle pain (the middle of my pelvic bone area right below my belly button) that made it painful anytime i separated my legs (getting out of bed, the car, putting pants on, going up/down stairs). I also developed bad back pain so when I got pregnant with my 2nd I knew I’d need a really supportive band. This was it! I wear it when I know I’m going to be on my feet or standing for 1+ hour, to work out or when I’m having a bad back day. I’m now 31 weeks and haven’t had pelvic pain since about 24 weeks. Back pain is my nemesis but it usually flares when I don’t/haven’t had this band on.

Lissette G. jones
Great maternity belt!!

This belt is AMAZING! I ordered it at about 29 weeks pregnant because I really started getting lower back pain. I am carrying really low, so it relieves a lot of the pressure by lifting my belly up! Very comfortable. I don't wear the top part much because it all makes me have to pee with that many things on. Haha Wish I would have purchased it sooner! Can't beat the price either!