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Mommiza Pelvic Pressure Reliever, Pregnancy Support Belly Band

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Mommiza Pelvic Pressure Reliever, Pregnancy Support Belly Band

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Made by Moms for Moms—Introducing Mommiza!

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that one could ever be a part of. This goes not just for mothers but for fathers as well. It’s filled with a special type of love shared to create a unique bond that ever exists, but it also comes with a lot of hard times and pains. So if you’re suffering from back pain, pelvic cramps, and other pregnancy-related discomforts—Mommiza is here to give you the right and suitable support you’ll need to get through these struggles.

Want to get rid of back pain and pelvic cramps? Or do you constantly feel like your belly is going to fall? Don’t worry! Mommiza is here to the rescue!

Pregnancy is the best yet the hardest time in a woman’s life. That’s because, during pregnancy, you may suffer a series of pains and discomforts in your belly, back, pelvis and anti-sternum. We know if these “issues” left unattended, it could overwhelm your emotions, cause stress, or worst, a risk to the baby.

For Mommiza, the beauty of carrying a life outweighs all the bad. That’s why we’ve created a simple yet effective solution to relieve you from all the growing pains you feel throughout your pregnancy. Our Mommiza Belly Band is specifically designed to provide optimum support to realign your body and stop back pains, pelvic cramps, and other horrible discomforts you feel in your leg and stomach. With its premium and breathable material, the Mommiza can effectively eliminate pain, correct placenta posture, and support the belly and back without any discomfort.

We’re proud of you and the challenges you have endured throught out your pregnancy. We know that you’re body had been stretched out and strained, so give it some pamper time with Mommiza!

Take Advantage of these Features:

  • Unique Shoulder Straps: With Mommiza, you’re assured that the belly band doesn’t hold the abdomen area under pressure like other belts. Our design is based on scientific and proven techniques on how to support your belly bump properly. Mommiza Belly Band supports you from the bottom of the abdomen at 45 degrees to reinforce better comfort and pressure-free abdominal support.
  • Professional Elastic Materials: Our three-dimensional elastic materials can perform the function of 360 degrees dynamic lifting—regardless of whether you’re standing, walking, or moving. The design works with all your posture changes to ensure your belly bump is well-supported every time. It will not squeeze or load the abdomen to prevent discomfort and helps reduce pregnancy lines.
  • Adjustable Pregnancy Band: With our specially designed shoulder straps and belts, you can adjust them to the most comfortable state you need for each period during your pregnancy. You don’t have to keep spending on belts because Mommiza got it for you all in one!
  • Designed for Comfort: We’ve constructed our Mommiza Belly Band with a multi-layered laminate and cotton/nylon lining to give you the best and comfortable feeling when used. The shoulder, back, and abdomen constitute a three-dimensional lifting design, making the belly band soft, breathable, and elastic. The waist pressure is transferred to the shoulder and back areas to alleviate the burden on the waist and abdomen and prevent lower abdomen, pelvis, and lumbar spine injury.
  • Not Just for Support: Mommiza also helps you through the aftermath of the pregnancy. Our belly band will also help you shrink down your postpartum belly, get your baggy skin back in place, and flatten your stomach to normal after partum.

More Reason to Love Mommiza!

  • Washable & Strong Adhere: Our washable super-strong velcro technology is built with stretchable fabric.
  • Strong Material: Our maternity belt is built with memory steel bones to support your back strongly.
  • Great Support: It’s designed to help relieve your back pain, especially when working or walking.

Package Include:

  • 1* Belly Band

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
violet R.spink
Highly recommend

I have maternity pictures in one week and I was really hopeful that I would’ve rounded out more on my own by now. I’m 34 weeks along but I’ve lost a large amount of weight prior to getting pregnant that left me with a large apron belly of loose skin. I’ve tried several other products and not only were they uncomfortable but they just squished me down. Belevation gives me that rounded out look and helps me hide the b belly and apron belly. I layered the briefs with the belly support band and am so excited now for my pictures next week!

Perfect to help with a B belly. I would size down, which I did but wish I had a little more but with twins on the way one size down will be ok. It works well with maintaining your posture, for me that made my back hurt at around the 29w mark and decided it was not worth it anymore. I will likely use again after babies come!

Maria J. lee
Great product

So I wanted to test this product out before I gave my review. I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant. My tummy is small and round and i'm on my second baby boy. I purcahse a medium which is now fitting me perfect because as I mentioned before my tummy is small. I get a lot of back pain and this band help me alot . Just sitting on work the chairs are very uncomfortable and I hold my back slot when I have to walk. This help ease that pain , even the burning sensation I use to feel in my back when sitting or walking. I will highly recommend this product to new or returning mummy's. It's a must have .

Barbara B. Selden
Pregnancy lifesaver

I started feeling severe pelvic pressure and pain around 35 weeks of my pregnancy. It was hard for me to walk or go from a sitting to standing position. I ended up going to the hospital one day because of the intense discomfort I was in. They recommended I get an abdominal brace. I had heard about these belts before but didn’t think I would ever need to use one. I put it on as soon as I got it and I haven’t taken it off since... well it comes off when I shower of course. This belt is a godsend. I cannot function without it. I’m a petite person and I’m carrying really low. As the baby has gotten bigger, I’m experiencing more pressure. If I didn’t have this belt, I wouldn’t be able to walk around for more than a couple of minutes. I definitely recommend this for anyone experiencing back pain, abdominal pain/pressure, or pelvic discomfort from pregnancy. It really helps lifts the belly and takes the pressure off. The only annoying thing about it is having to take it off whenever you have to go to the bathroom... which is every 30 minutes. But I suck it up because I know I wouldn’t be able to function at all without it. One of the best purchases I’ve made during my pregnancy for sure.

Cathy D. lavallee
Wish I bought this earlier in pregnancy!

My baby was super low towards the beginning of my third trimester. Started experiencing numbness on my right leg due to baby pinching a nerve in my hip. Bought this at 36 weeks and wish I would have gotten this sooner. Saved my lower back and definitely took the pressure off my hips causing the pinched nerve. Especially recommend if you are on your feet for work during your pregnancy! I have recommended this to other mamas and even bought one for a friend recently. I’m 5’7” and around 170lbs at time of purchase and got a size medium. Currently 180lbs and medium still fits well with extra room. Normally wear size 8-10 pre-pregancy. I think small would have fit but medium worked well for me.

Carolyn A. Kelly
Works great!

I was really nervous to purchase this product after reading some of the reviews, however, a few of my co-workers had recommended similar products so I went ahead and ordered anyway. I have to say they've been a lifesaver. I can now continue to wear my old jeans without being uncomfortable. Size wise, I wore 4-6 jeans prior to this pregnancy. At 4 1/2 months pregnant, the size large fits me perfectly. I would buy again.