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Pregnant’s Choice Maternity Belly Band

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Pregnant’s Choice Maternity Belly Band

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The Comfort Pregnant Moms Need

For those times when you need a little pick-me-up, let our super-comfy undergarment and belly band provide you a supportive lift to keep you going and safe throughout your pregnancy—because your comfort is our mission. With our WonderWeave™ material and specially designed bump supporter, your back, hips, and belly are well-protected while keeping lotions and creams on your body to help fight stretch marks and hydrate dry, itchy pregnancy skin.

Give the Gift of Safety!

DON’T MISS THIS SPECIAL! Pregnant’s Choice Belly Band is pregnant mom’s BEST solution against radiation, back pain, and other pregnancy discomforts. It’s designed to provide optimum support, relief, and safety so that you can enjoy every second of your pregnancy journey.

I love how soft and comforting Pregnant’s Choice Belly Band is. I often suffer from back pain and feel, as if, my belly is about to fall off. It’s scared me a lot, but thanks to this beautiful product, I feel well-supported all the time.

Cynthia, Verified Purchase


  • Must-have Maternity Accessories: This pregnancy belt and belly holder is a multi-tasker! It allows you to extend clothes, support your growing baby belly and relieve pain and sore joints and muscles. It’s a game-changer for pregnant women since it keeps your baby bump well-supported regardless of the activity your doing.
  • Adjust Your Clothing:If you want to get as much wear out of your pre-pregnancy jeans as possible, this stretch belly band is an excellent option. It also works great for slacks and other pants that might not grow with your bump. Slide this product over unbuttoned pants, and it will provide a smooth, supportive waistband.
  • Lower Back & Hips Support:It’s common to experience pain in your low back, pelvic area, and spine during pregnancy. This belly band offers gentle support to the growing stomach area and relieves tension in the rest of the body. After you give birth, you can use it as a postpartum girdle to help during recovery.
  • Comfortable Bandeau Bra: This belly band is ideal for providing structure around the waist, but it also doubles as a cute bandeau top. You can use it as comfortable breast support throughout pregnancy. You can even buy a whole set of these convenient supplies, so you can always have one on hand for a wide variety of uses.
  • Useful Pregnancy Gift:If you have a new or expecting mother in your life, this belly band is an excellent care item. It’s a nice gift for any pregnant woman, whether they’re in the 1st or 3rd trimester. You can even give it to a postpartum mom for some extra comfort and support as they recover from birth.

Why Having a Belly Band is Essential?

Pregnancy bands are useful to provide extra support and alleviate growing pregnancy-related pains. If you’re someone who constantly experiences back pains or pelvic cramps, this care item could reduce the discomfort by alleviating pressure on the lower back, ligaments, and joints. It also works to stabilize the pelvis and improve balance so that you’ll feel well-supported throughout your pregnancy. For postpartum months, belly bands could help support your healing further and readjust your body for prepregnancy clothing. In other words, having an accessible and comfortable belly band could help eliminate the common discomforts you experience during and after pregnancy.

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Think of it as child support for your belly. In a hectic world that sometimes seems crazy—especially when you’re expecting—a little assistance can go a long way. That’s where belly bands come in. This super-comfy, grow-with-you undergarment provides vital support, improves weight distribution, and can even help relieve back pain. And because it’s made from our proprietary WonderWeave fabric, it keeps lotions and creams where you want them: on your skin and off your clothes. That’s value, without a doubt.

EMF protection Belly Band Maternity Belly Band

Package Include:

  • 1* Belly Band

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Essie W. McNeil
much needed

I really like these. They allow me to wear my pre pregnancy pants well into my pregnancy. The anti slip grip is very helpful with keeping it in place.

Lillie L. greene
Great fit and support

Fits great, good comfort and stretch. Bought for my daughter she wears a size M and she is 30 weeks pregnant and it fits with good support

vcky R. Hafley
Feel amazing!

Feels amazing and soft on my belly and offers so much more support, I have been wearing it all day long, so glad I found this product, I definitely will be recommending!

Rebecca J. gray
super comfortable

This belt is just what I need it!!!
This is my 4th pregnancy and my lower back was killing me already. I never used a support before but this time I'm super glad I got this ,it helps a lot with the baby weight and my back and feels way better, I used it almost every day and my ligaments so grateful that I got this Maternity belt , I also notice that since it is more easy to move around I Don't retain much water so my feet won't get swollen like they used to ..super cute color and definitely the best decision that I make.

ashley R. Tolliver
If you are thinking about buying this, do it

I am pregnant with my first baby and have had a relatively smooth pregnancy. However as soon as the third trimester hit, so did all of the uncomfortable symptoms like back pain and pelvis pain. I was reading an article about SPD during pregnancy and how these belts can help, so I purchased on a whim. I am SO glad I did! I can already feel the relief of pressure from the lower half of my body and I feel like I have constant support. I love that I can wear this walking or on the peloton and have little to no pelvis pain due to the support this provides. If you are active during pregnancy, just need some extra support, or both, you NEED this!!!!!