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Foodiekoro Mini Electronic Smart Kitchen Scale


Foodiekoro Mini Electronic Smart Kitchen Scale

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Looking After What You Eat, the Smart Way!

Whether your goal is to cut down a few pounds, understand food portioning or your nutrient intake, or maybe enhance your cooking precision, a smart kitchen scale like Foodiekoro is a game-changer. With fast data feedback, seamless and futuristic design, and excellent accuracy, you’ll never go wrong the next time you prepare a sumptuous dish.

Why Choose Foodiekoro?

When it comes to precision, nothing beats the accuracy the Foodiekoro brings. With 0.1g of High Precision Sensor, every measurement is accurate, leaving zero mistakes every time you cook, mix, and even bake. This minimalistic smart kitchen scale will deliver all your measuring needs on various occasions. It even comes with multi-unit switching and real-time data synchronization to ensure you’re on point in following your favorite recipes.


  • 0.1g High Precision Sensor: This built-in high-precision weight sensor gives zero to none deviation in every measurement. With such top-notch accuracy, data feedback is sensitive and fast, giving you the ability to multitask in the kitchen. The Foodiekoro is designed to deliver the smallest weighing accuracy that can reach 0.1g to meet diverse weighing needs.
  • Highlight LED Display: The Foodiekoro Comes with a high-definition LED display and integrated seamless scale surface to keep the weighing scale free from dirt and helps maintain your kitchen hygienically. This design also ensures the device is easy to clean, store, and use.
  • Minimalist Interaction Design: The Foodiekoro comes in an easy to use, minimalistic design that change unit of measurements with just one twist. Abandon the complex design of general kitchen scales with multiple buttons—weigh your food with just one knob to control various functions.

Specifications :

Product Number QWCFC001
Dimensions 181.8 x 168 x 26.8mm
Product Net Weight About 342g
Maximum Weighing 3000g
Minimum Weighing 0.1g
Measurement Accuracy 0.1-0.5g
Units of Measurement g/ml/oz/lb:oz
Bluetooth Transmission Distance About 8m
Wireless Connection Bluetooth 4.0
Automatic Shutdown Time 180s
Working Temperature 10-40℃
Storage Temperature -10℃-50℃
Storage Humidity ≤90%RH
Equipment Requirements Android 4.4/IOS8.0 and above support Bluetooth 4.0


Package Include:

  • 1 x Smart Bluetooth Electronic Scale

Note: Batteries are not included due to shipping risks.