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CuddlyFun Baby Play Mat with 30 Ocean Balls and 5 Detachable Toys

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CuddlyFun Baby Play Mat with 30 Ocean Balls and 5 Detachable Toys

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The large baby fitness game mat provides more space for babies to exercise their grasping, gripping, kicking and stepping, and develops baby color recognition and sensory development.

Introducing the perfect play mat for your little one, designed to stimulate their senses and encourage growth and development from newborn to toddler.

This large and interactive educational baby play mat comes complete with 5 cute detachable hanging toys and 30 colorful ocean balls. The variety of toys and textures will engage your child’s sight, hearing, and touch, providing both entertainment and education.

The soft play mat is built with comfort in mind, featuring built-in cotton padding that is perfect for lying and crawling. The foldable design around the play mat can also be converted into a baby playpen, adding an extra layer of protection to keep your little one safe while they play. This mat is the perfect companion for your child during the critical period of growth and development from 3-6-12 months, helping them to raise their head, turn over, tap, and stand up. With this play mat, you can create a fun and healthy experience that your child will love.

The large, interactive educational mat helps develop your child’s sensory abilities soon after birth. The set includes 5 toys that can be changed around, and 30 colourful balls. It comes with a soft cushion, which improves your child’s comfort when they’re on their stomach. The mat can also act as a playpen (it features six raisable walls that feature animals). It stimulates sight, hearing and touch while providing great entertainment for your child.

Why You’ll Love This Mat — the CuddleFun Baby Play Mat Features

??Comes equipped with 5 cute detachable hanging toys and 30 ocean balls to keep your baby entertained and engaged.?

This feature of the baby play mat is essential for stimulating a child’s visual, auditory, and tactile senses, encouraging their exploration and play, which aids in their cognitive and motor skill development, as well as providing them with a fun and engaging experience

??Soft play mat with built-in cotton padding for comfortable lying and crawling

The soft play mat’s built-in cotton padding provides a comfortable surface for babies to lie on and crawl, which helps protect their delicate skin from abrasions and impacts, while also providing a cushioned support that aids in their physical development and motor skills. The soft texture of the mat can help stimulate a baby’s sense of touch, promoting their sensory development.

??Foldable design that can be converted into a baby playpen for extra protection.

The baby play mat’s foldable design allows it to be easily converted into a playpen, which provides an additional layer of protection for babies as they play, preventing them from accidentally crawling off the mat and potentially getting hurt. This versatile design provides parents with the flexibility to adjust the play area to suit their needs, whether it’s for playtime or for keeping their baby contained in a safe and secure space.

??3-6-12 Months of Full Growth Companionship to aid in gross movement development

he baby play mat’s 3-6-12 Months of Full Growth Companionship feature offers a wide range of developmental activities that can aid in gross movement development, including encouraging babies to raise their heads, turn over, tap, and stand up, promoting healthier physical development in a fun and interactive way.

??Velcro used to join the walls is safe for children

The baby play mat’s Velcro joining system provides a safe and secure attachment for the walls, ensuring that they stay in place during playtime while also being gentle on babies’ delicate skin.

??Easy to clean, making it perfect for small children

The baby play mat’s easy-to-clean design allows parents to quickly and efficiently clean up any messes, spills, or accidents, making it an ideal choice for parents with small children.

??Thick material provides excellent insulation against cold floors

The baby play mat’s thick and durable material provides excellent insulation against cold floors, ensuring that babies can play and explore in a comfortable and cozy environment.

CuddleFun Benefits

  • Improves your child’s comfort while they play on the floor with its soft material and attached cushion
  • Easy to fold and transport, making it perfect for taking with you wherever you go
  • Provides a different and fun experience for your baby, letting them fall in love with sports and get healthier

Packing List:

  • Baby Play Mat *1
  • Ocean Ball*30

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lois Miller
Great purchase!

I found out about this play mat after I had my baby shower and had already received a different mat. I figured I’d never spend so much on money on something like this. My son is 6 months old and was getting to big for the play mat he had and I decided to finally just do this one that I’ve always wanted for him and boy is it worth it! It’s a really good size mat. I was worried about him being to old for it but it’s perfect and I’m so glad I got it for him. This is something that’s worth the splurge in my opinion. It’s quality too.

Kathryn Nimmons

I’ve bought 3 different mats off Amazon and my little one didn’t seem to like any of them much, except for this one. Not the biggest fan of tummy time as it is but most of the dangly toys rattle and he loves the different noises and the little pillow it comes with for support is so cute and so soft. Easy to wash, not much to take a part to just throw in the washer.

Julie Eggert
Worth it!!!

This play mat/tummy time mat is adorable! I love the little animal toys that hang for baby to look at. The part that the animals attach to can also come off and you can just use the soft mat for tummy time/neck strengthening. The detachable animals can also be added to other areas when the baby outgrows the mat. We clipped them to the play yard and the car seat canopy. This is super soft and a very cute design. It is very easy to wash and pretty portable as well.

Amy Graves
Great purchase!

Love the soft velvety fabric on this play mat for infants. The bright colors look great and baby loves to look at and reach for them. I also love how large the mat is and baby has lots of room to roll around. Very nice to play on and love dangling animals for baby’s play.

Carolyn White
Worth it!!!

I needed a activity mat that the poles arched higherlight up activity mat to hang our larger hanging toys from. This works! It's definitely higher. BUT the price is cheap. Luckily I had zip ties and zip tied the poles to the net. It will hold up just fine for now. But my baby is only 4 months. I'm not going to send it back because it does hold his bigger toys like I wanted and it's working for me right now. I like it very much !