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BubbaBounce 360° Rotating Baby Jumper and Bouncer Seat with Music and Toys

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BubbaBounce 360° Rotating Baby Jumper and Bouncer Seat with Music and Toys

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



The Best Baby Jumper to Keep Your Baby Active and Entertained

Keeping Baby and Parents Happy

There’s a secret to parenting that not everyone knows – a happy baby equals happy parents!

Babies love learning, and they learn through exploring and quenching their curiosity. Although parents love to give their best, there’s just a little hiccup – keeping up with the baby can be exhausting and time consuming. As parents, sometimes, all you need is just a little break.

The BubbaBounce is created to keep babies occupied and entertained, and parents happier and more free to do other things in their task list. This baby jumper and bouncer seat with music and toys can help parents and babies be happier!

Why Choose BubbaBounce

The bouncer seat that’s 100% safe. From the foundation of the seat to the design of the straps, the BubbaBounce aims to keep your babies safe while they learn and have fun!

It comes with eye-catching colors and toys that will keep your child entertained for hours. Babies love learning – and the BubbaBounce has enough of these captivating toys to satisfy your child’s curiosity and love for play.

Comes with flexible, durable materials – this bouncing seat can stay with you for a long time. The baby jumper seat is made with durable ABS material that can securely hold baby up, and can efficiently prevent any cracking or breaking while your baby is playing.

The baby jumper seat that allows baby to move freely. The seat comes with a 360-movement design that allows baby to turn around, make some twirls, jump in a 360-direction, and move more openly.

Promotes whole-body learning! The BubbaBounce promotes learning for every stage. Kids can use the sit, swivel, bounce and play, and cruise-and-interact modes. Toys are handpicked by development pediatricians to aid in your child’s learning progress.

PACKAGE CONTENT: 1x Baby bouncer walker


  • The baby jumper for overall learning. The BubbaBounce comes with toys, music, design, and features that support the level of learning of kids at different stages of their lives. This product helps you free babies from screentime.
  • Seat is designed to be comfortable for babies. The chair is made from flexible cotton that prevents kids from feeling any discomfort while playing.
  • Enables 360-degree movement so babies can move freely. This jumperoo is designed to allow kids to move at a 360-degree direction. Kids won’t feel restricted, and therefore, won’t feel scared, too.
  • 100% safe for babies. The risk of danger while baby is in this jumperoo is low. The design lessens the chance of kids falling over or getting thrown off.
  • The baby bouncer swing can easily be adjusted to cater to different learning needs of kids. The adjustable baby jumper seat can be used from 3 months to 15 months.
  • Made from durable materials. The baby bouncer seat that will give you bang for your buck – it is 100% durable.
  • Seat is machine washable. Care for the BubbaBounce is easy as the seat can be hand washed, and washed in the machine.
  • Comes with expert-approved toys and features for better learning. Designed by pediatricians, the BubbaBounce is your partner in combining learning and entertainment for your kids.


  • Material: ABS
  • Package weight: 5250g/11.57lb
  • Package size: 61×14.8x61cm/24×5.82x24in
  • Requires 3 x 1.5V AA batteries (not included)

Package Content:

  • 1x 3-in-1 joy jump chair