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Steam-Chic Fast Heat-up Electric Clothes Steamer

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Steam-Chic Fast Heat-up Electric Clothes Steamer

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Get wrinkle-free clothing in half the time you spend on ironing with Steam-Chic.

This vertical handheld clothes steamer will help you quickly ironing your clothes when you have very little time to spare. It works both as a steamer and an iron, so whether you put your clothes on a hanger or put them on the ironing table, Steam-Chic will work both ways. This device will remove wrinkles and get rid of any false odor from your clothes and upholstery.


Burst of Steam – Hit the steam trigger to generate a powerful burst of steam that blasts away wrinkles.
Upholstery Attachment – Steaming with the upholstery attachment is a fast way to refresh bedding, upholstered furniture, and decorative pillows.
Strong Fast Heat-up & Powerful Heating System – Steam-Chich only takes 40 seconds to heat up. Its 800W powerful steam and large water capacity meet different needs—from 5-10 mins continuous steaming to penetrating fabric deeper to removing stubborn wrinkles fast and easily.
Continuous Steam – Lock the steam trigger into place to release a continuous flow of steam that melts away wrinkles in no time.

Eliminates Wrinkles Fast:

Steam-Chic is a powerful steamer that removes wrinkles at the touch of your hand. Its steam direct injection technology de-wrinkles the clothes without the requirement of flipping them to the other side.

Three-way Steaming: 

You can use this steamer vertically while hanging up the garment or horizontally by ironing the garment, or you can go round and round with it, unlike regular irons that don’t let you press over the embroidery and difficult corners.

Two Attachments: 

You will receive two different attachments for your steamer. The fine fluff brush cleans your delicate clothing material from deep inside, and the long brush attachment cleans and fluffs woolen and flax fabric.


This steamer will be the perfect fit for your home as it not only removes wrinkles and creases from clothes and degerms them. Its strong steam can clean your couches, bed sheets, pillow covers, and other delicate fabrics.

Multi-gear Temperature Adjustment:

Steam-Chic features three temperature variations:

  • 80°C-120°C – for ironing Silk Nylon fabric
  • 120°C-160°C – for Woolen clothing
  • 160C°-220°C – for steaming cotton or hemp.

Easy to Use on Most Fabrics:

This steamer is easy to operate. Just fill the water (distilled/tap) compartment to a certain level (as marked) while the steamer is switched off, then turn it on and adjust the temperature control switch as needed. The Steam-Chic can be used on almost all fabrics, including wedding and party dresses, coats, suits, and prevents any damage.

Ergonomic Design:

It is uniquely designed to be held comfortably in your hands. Also, the lightweight feature eliminates the difficulty you face while using the bulky irons.

Package Includes:

  • 1* Handheld Steamer
  • 1* Instruction Manual
  • 1* Fabric Brush
  • 1*long hairbrush
  • 1*measuring cup

Instructions for Use:

  • First, turn off the temperature control knob on the machine, then add water.
  • Turn on the power and adjust the temperature control rotary switch. If the temperature control switch is not adjusted, the indicator light will not light up.


  1. Please do not press the steam button when the red indicator light is on; otherwise, it will cause water leakage. When adding water to the water tank, please turn off the temperature control switch before adding water; otherwise, it will also cause water leakage.
  2. When using steam ironing, the temperature control should be rotated to the MAX gear; other gears will not have steam. This product can be used as a garment ironing machine for steam ironing or as an iron flat ironing, portable design, suitable for single white-collar workers, frequent business trips, tourists, and other people who require quick and easy ironing solution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
linda L. carter
Great product

I bought this 3 months ago, and I love it! My teenagers love it too. It is super easy to use, easy to fill, and works perfect! It has ironed every piece of clothing great. I have not been disappointed at all. I did a lot of research on hand held steamers before I bought it. It works better than the reviews. I was afraid it would be heavy, or bulky, it's not. I suggest putting the item on a hanger, and steam away! I haven't tried it on curtains, or linens yet, but I am sure it would be great for that too.

Charles A. seely
Works as good as an iron

Works better than I thought it would. It comes in handy when you don’t want to pull out your ironing board and iron. I purchased another steamer but I didn’t like that you could only use it in the upright position. With this steamer you can lay an article of clothing flat and it doesn’t leak or anything. My brother in law actually used it for his military uniform and it did the job. I tried to use the sleeve attachment but it didn’t really work out too well for me. But as far as the lint attachment for sweaters, that worked out really well. It says not to use the metal plate against clothing, but I’ve used it on jeans, khakis and cotton and it hasn’t ruined them. I’ve used the attachments when using this on more delicate items...... girlfriends review

Edward R. Connolly

I had doubts about a steamer. OMG this steamer is beyond fantastic. She heats up quickly. She does a phenomenal job. Better than an iron. I absolutely love it and highly highly recommend it. Price is great. If your looking for a steamer. Stop right here!
Phenomenal !!!!!

Ty C. virgil
Easy to use

I bought this steamer to help me get the wrinkles out of some full length curtain I just purchased. I was amazed at how quickly the wrinkles disappeared. I will never use an iron again.

Jana P. Johnson
we love it!

My cousin loves to iron, so I thought I would have her try this out as an alternative. She loves it. Now she won't give it back. So I bought one for myself because I don't like ironing, but I like to use this. It's nice and lightweight and it easy to fill. It works perfect for the few item that I would normally iron. I will be taking this on vacation. I would recommend this for my friends and family.