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SpiceSurge Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder – One-Click Precision, Stainless Steel Finish, Customizable Coarseness

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

SpiceSurge Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder – One-Click Precision, Stainless Steel Finish, Customizable Coarseness

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hey there, flavor fanatic! 🍽️ Picture this: You’re in the kitchen, the aroma of your signature dish fills the air, and all you need is that final touch of seasoning. But oh no, your old grinder decides to play hardball. Frustrating, right? Well, let’s change that narrative. Introducing the SpiceSurge Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder. Think of it as the superhero of seasoning, swooping in to save your culinary day with its one-click precision.

Crafted with a sleek stainless steel finish, this grinder isn’t just about looks (though, let’s admit, it’s a stunner). It’s about delivering that perfect sprinkle, dash, or pinch every single time. And with customizable coarseness? Oh, honey, whether you’re team “fine dust” or “chunky bits”, SpiceSurge has got you covered.

So, if you’re ready to surge ahead in your seasoning game and leave those bland meals in the dust, it’s time to welcome this little marvel into your kitchen. Because with SpiceSurge, every meal is a flavor fiesta waiting to happen! 🎉🌶️🥳

Click, Grind, and Dine!

pepper grinder

You know those moments when you’re juggling three pans and just need a sprinkle of seasoning? With SpiceSurge’s one-click precision, it’s like having a sous-chef right by your side. One press, and bam! Perfect seasoning, every time.

Shine On, You Stainless Star!


This grinder isn’t just functional; it’s a looker too! Crafted with a gleaming stainless steel finish, it’s bound to make your other kitchen gadgets a tad jealous. Not only does it promise durability, but it also brings that chef’s kitchen vibe right to your countertop.

From Whisper-Fine to Shout-Out-Loud!

Whether you’re crafting a delicate sauce or a hearty stew, SpiceSurge’s customizable coarseness has your back. Switch up the grind to match your culinary masterpiece. It’s like having a seasoning wardrobe at your fingertips!

No Strings (or Cords) Attached!

Battery-operated and ready to roll wherever your culinary adventures take you. Whether it’s the dining table, the patio, or even a picnic, SpiceSurge is always game. No outlets, no fuss, just pure seasoning freedom.

Refill Without the Spill!

Say goodbye to those messy refill disasters. SpiceSurge is all about making life easier. Its design ensures you can top up your favorite spices without turning your kitchen into a war zone. It’s all fun, no fuss!

Ergo-Friendly and Oh-So-Pretty!

Designed to fit snugly in your hand, SpiceSurge is all about comfort meets style. It’s like the ergonomic chair of grinders – feels great, looks even better!


Alright, flavor aficionado, here’s the spicy lowdown. You’ve seen the dazzle, felt the power, and you’re probably already daydreaming about your next flavor-packed dish. But here’s the twist: SpiceSurge is not just turning heads; it’s turning tables, and they’re zooming off our virtual shelves faster than you can say “I need that!” Now, we’re all for taking things slow, but when it comes to snagging this seasoning sensation, you might want to put a little pep in your step. Because, between us, they’re the talk of the town, and you don’t want to miss out.

So, ready to surge ahead in the culinary world? Click, add, cart, and let the flavor festivities begin. Your taste buds (and dinner guests) will thank you!

Technical Specifications

Alright, tech gurus and detail divas, it’s time to geek out! Here’s the deep dive into the SpiceSurge Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder:

  • Operation Mode: Electric with One-Click Precision
  • Material: Dazzling and Durable Stainless Steel (because we all love a bit of kitchen bling)
  • Grind Settings: Customizable Coarseness (from a gentle whisper to a bold statement)
  • Power Source: Battery Operated (specific battery type not provided, but rest assured, it’s got the energy!)
  • Design: Sleek, Modern, and Ergonomic (it’s basically the James Bond of grinders)
  • Refill Mechanism: Easy and Efficient (because we’re all about that hassle-free life)
  • Size & Weight: Not specified, but trust us, it’s the perfect fit for any kitchen, big or small.

There you have it, the full lowdown on the SpiceSurge Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder. Whether you’re here for the style, the specs, or the sheer seasoning prowess, we’ve got you covered. Dive in and discover the magic! 🌶️🔧🎉


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lauren Sperry
Better than expected!

These salt & pepper grinders are well made, look nice! I've been using them for a week and have no complaints. I will say, they grind very fine, I like a more coarse grind. I'm not sure if you can adjust this on this model. Otherwise, they are quiet and provide the right amount of seasoning in a short press of the button. I did notice a flashlight as you activate the button. I thought, this is kinda cool. If I ever need a flashlight for a sudden blackout, storm or zombie apocalypse, I'm ready!They will keep your table or counter neat and clean in-between impressing all your friends and family with your new salt & pepper toy!
Overall, I highly recommend these, they work great and in my opinion look well made for the price. Enjoy and happy seasoning!

Maria Martz
Best purchase ever!

These are a MUST-HAVE kitchen tool. I've owned salt/pepper grinders that dispensed at the bottom and those were ok but these are SO MUCH BETTER because they leave no mess behind. The only time that the salt/pepper dispenses is when you pick it up and turn it over. It's so convenient to just use 1 hand for dispensing while you're stirring with the other. The amount that dispenses is very controlled and I like the granular size. I couldn't be happier and highly recommend these dispensers from this seller.

Martha Lee
Adds fun to the dinner table

Purchased as house warming gift. They loved it and was a big hit with house guests. Hmmmm everyone is adding alittle touch of salt and pepper to meal but I think it’s just because this us so much fun to use. And not the cooking. Has light that goes on so you can see how much your dispensing. Salt works better than pepper. Not as easy to refill and always feels like it’s going to break but it’s sturdy so don’t be afraid to replenish. Overall cool gift!

David Williams
Works great and fun to use!

I purchased this product as a gift for my mom who is still recovering from two broken wrists. While she can do lots now, twisting motions will take a lot more time. This was the perfect solution for her and she is so excited about these. My sister has had these exact ones for several years and they’re great so it was an easy choice to get these. But that didn’t stop me from reading reviews to ensure they’re as expected and their quality and durability hadn’t changed until he past year or so and it seems they haven’t. The whole peppercorns from Costco were put into these and they work perfect. I am writing this review at request but everything here is accurate to what I would say if I wasn’t asked to write a review.

William Craig
So far so good, easy on the hands

I like freshly ground pepper. I have gone through many different mills over the past few decades, none of them have lasted. I thought I would like the old-fashioned hand-cranked type, and the one I have is fantastic, fine to coarse-cracked, BUT I have a few favorite recipes that call for LOTS of freshly ground pepper, and my older wrists and hands just can’t take the strain. So I researched and found this one, rated pretty good by Cook’s Illustrated, and so far, seems to do the job well. I bought the two pack, so that I can use the other for grinding spices. Pretty good deal, and my joints are happy. I really like that there is a cap on the bottom to keep stray peppers contained. The boxed set is definitely gift-worthy. I’ll still use my for small jobs, but I am glad to have an alternative for my very peppery dishes.