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Slow Master Sous Vide Precision Cooker, Immersion Circulator Sous Vide Machine

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Slow Master Sous Vide Precision Cooker, Immersion Circulator Sous Vide Machine

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Slow cooking your food, especially with the sous vide technique, enriches the flavor of the meat, keeps it tender and juicy, and locks in the good nutrients for a healthier and heartier meal.

Prepare perfectly cooked sous-vide meat like a pro at home with the Slow Master Sous Vide Precision Cooker. This convenient kitchen tool heats and circulates water with an accuracy of ±0.1 ℃ and helps you cook at the exact controlled temperature.

All you need to do is attach the device to any pan, set the cooking temperature and time on the digital control panel, and free yourself from the worries of overcooking or undercooking. From beef, chicken, pork, steak, vegetables, seafood, eggs, chocolate, and more, cook anything you desire with sous vide precision.


  • High-Grade PTC Heating Technology. This device controls the water temperature accuracy of ±0.1°C and range from 0°C to 90°C (32°F to 194°F) for perfect sous-vide cooking results every time.
  • Never Affected by Vapor. No need to wipe off the hot steam just to read the temperature and time. Get clear vision through the bright LED screen despite the damp air condition.

  • Superfast Water Heating. With 1200 watts of high power, this sous-vide cooking device can heat up large volumes of water in an instant with a flow rate of 12 liters/min.
  • Quiet 360 ​​° Water Circulation System. Compared to a standard AC motor, this includes a durable DC pump system to regulate the water temperature quietly and within safety water levels.

  • Fuss-free Fully Automatic Cooking. There’s no need for a WIFI, Bluetooth connection, or app to operate the device. Simply keep it fully charged for a smooth sous vide cooking experience.
  • Convenient One-hand Operation. After sticking the device to the pot and a few clicks, let the device cook away in silence and get your meat to your desired doneness. 
  • IPX7 Waterproof Performance. The removable stainless steel skirt with long-lasting temperature sensors and timers can be dipped into the water and is easy to wash. 

How to Use

Step 1: Seal the food in a vacuum bag and place it in a water bath.

Step 2: Press the ON button for 3 seconds until it beeps and displays the current temperature.

Step 3: Set the desired temperatures and time with ± on the front panel according to the recipe.

Step 4: Once the timer beeps, take out your meat and serve—or sear it for a crisp, golden exterior.

Product Specifications

  • Power: 1200 Watts/60Hz
  • Temperature range: 0°C to 90°C (32°F to 194°F)
  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.1°C
  • Timer range: 0 to 99hours 59minutes
  • Size: 14.5 x 3.1 in

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x Sous Vide Machine
  • 1 x Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Wendy Griffith
Worth it

Works extremely well, both my hopes and expectations are satisfied. It can be a little loud while it warms the water , but is very quiet when it reaches designated temp after a few minutes.
Usage is so easy you probably don't need the instructions book. This is a great way to try out sous vide in your kitchen, frankly it lives up to the hype even before you have pre-seasoned steaks in the freezer backlog. Makes you favorite meal of the week require the least cooking. Game changer for me.

Joy Davis
Good Product

I love this thing. I found it when I was figuring out the best way to cook a notoriously tough cut of meat, and a website recommended cooking it with a sous vide for the best results.
Oh. My. Word. The cut turned out amazingly tender and flavorful. Not only did the meat turn out fantastically, but it was so labor *un*intensive that I decided to start cooking all sorts of meats with it. It saves me time and energy, which when you're running around after a busy infant turning into a toddler is huge. You do have to make sure to know what you're cooking a day or two ahead of time so that the meat is ready to go into the pot, but basically once you stick it in and set the temp, you're done other than occasionally checking the water level.
We also bought the combo package with the vacuum sealer. It works well. It gets the job done, though. For larger cuts of meat, I use a freezer bag and the water immersion technique instead, but for the smaller cuts of meat that fit in the pre-cut bags, it does the trick.

Nicole Dortch
Great purchase!

So far, I have made pork chops, brisket, steaks, and carnitas. Everything I have made has been amazingly tender and juicy. Being able to "set it and forget it" is very convenient. But do listen to anyone that says it is impossible to overcook your food. It is entirely possible just takes a lot longer to overcook it. This is a great tool for creating delicious food.

Saundra Santora
Great purchase!

I received it as a present from my son 2 years ago. I love to cook from scratch. I took one look at this telling me to cook food in a plastic bag of warm water and handed it back to my son saying "send it back". Lol. My son said "Mom just please try it. Chefs in France use it. I have several friends who love it. Please just try it." We bought a couple steaks to try it out. I was very leery as a seasoned them and placed them in a zip lock baggie and submerged them in the water. When done I quick seared on both sides. I practically dropped my fork on the plate when I tried the first bite. So unbelievably tender and flavourful I couldn't believe it. I have used it often I have never had such tender, juicy. Moral of the story: It works. Try it. You will love it. It's a set and forget type cooking. It cooks to precise temp and then holds it there. You can't overcook it. Enjoy!

Julia Burton
Good Product

Where to start?! Has changed our cooking lives at home and we have barely scratched the surface! First, do buy a good sized temperature stable bin or bins with your sous vide machine! I wouldn’t go too big or the little fella will have a hard time heating it efficiently. Even going to 167 degrees, the temperature for the best poached in shell eggs you will ever have, takes almost 45 minutes unassisted. This is my only gripe with this tremendous, approachably priced, sous vide stick. Any protein is so much better done sous vide! If you don’t have one, I recommend a good cast iron skillet 12 inch, or carbon steel pan similar size for searing, almost everyone also has the nonstick skillet necessary for some proteins that are more delicate like fish. and trust me this can make a difference in the outcome of your dish. I will look forward to trying vegetables, desserts such as crème brûlée, and infused oil products. This is a great product! I am seriously considering the more powerful upgrade since we use ours so much and giving it to one of my children when they move out!