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ShumahBreeze Portable And Extra Large Picnic Outdoor Blanket and Waterproof Summer Mat

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ShumahBreeze Portable And Extra Large Picnic Outdoor Blanket and Waterproof Summer Mat

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The Picnic Blanket That Defines Comfort

Going on a picnic is synonymous to relaxation, unwinding, stress release. Picnics are a great time to bond with people over food and conversations. Outdoor picnics allow you to take a pause and be in awe of nature so you can forget your stresses and concerns for a while. Now imagine if your picnic blanket just doesn’t give you the comfort needed for you to enjoy the whole picnic experience?

ShumahBreeze was created with your comfort and convenience in mind. This outdoor blanket and picnic mat define comfort so when you need to lie down and enjoy all the amazing things around you, there’s a blanket to make your golden experience more comfortable.

Multipurpose Picnic Blanket and Outdoor Mat 

The ShumahBreeze was inspired by summer when we’re all under the sun, enjoying the wind and the views. The designers of ShumahBreeze aim to deliver to you more comfort, convenience, and room to truly relax while you are outdoors. Made from ultra-comfortable but durable fabric, this mat is essential if you’re an outdoor bum!


  • The Outdoor Picnic Blanket That is In Style. Our design team worked for a long time to develop the ShumahBreeze blanket. The result is an ingenious trendy picnic and camping Blanket with PU leather straps and handles that can be used in any circumstance. This is an ideal mat and blanket for school, pool parties, corporate events, family outings, cruising and so much more. Also Check out our soft picnic blanket, collapsible picnic blanket, round picnic blanket, waterproof picnic blanket, picnic blanket for men, foldable picnic mat.
  • An Extra Large Blanket for Everyone.  This large picnic mat size is about L 79″ X W 60″ and can comfortably fit up to 2-6 adults – just enough to keep the picnic alive! This blanket is also suitable for the whole family. This is a great essential to carry out to traveling and camping. Definitely, the blanket that can stand the conditions of the outdoors.
  • The 3-Layer Blanket That Provides The Comfort to Your Outdoor Escapades. The high-quality, 3-layer design of the blanket includes a soft fleece on top, PEVA on the back, and a selected sponge in the middle. This design makes the large waterproof outdoor blanket soft and water-resistant. The PEVA layer on the back is waterproof, sand proof, and easy to clean. It is the best blanket for picnics, and even for beach trips!
  • Multi-Purpose for the Entire Seasons. Picnic, camping, hiking, climbing, beach, grass, park, outdoor concert, and also great for camping mat, beach mat, playing mat for kids or pets, fitness mat, nap mat, yoga mat, emergency mat, etc
  • Completely Waterproof and Sand proof: This picnic mat is completely waterproof and sand proof protecting you from sand, dirt, wet grass, or even just dirty campgrounds.

Product Description

With the extra-large mat, you can enjoy the leisure time with your family for lounging in parks and also on the beach. There’s a space for everyone!

The outdoor mat has a large extended size to provide sufficient space for several adults and toddlers.

In addition, it is lightweight and compact. You can simply and quickly roll the blanket up and store it in the boot of the car when you’re traveling. 

This travel beach mat makes a great present for any time of the year.

Great for family picnics, beach parties, public parks, camping, traveling, stadium events, outdoor concerts, music festivals, soccer games, or other sporting events.

Comfort in the outdoors, now made possible by the ShumahBreeze.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Betty Hallam
Great Beach/Picnic Blanket

Great beach/picnic blanket! The quality was good and the size was perfect. You do need to place items on the corners of the blanket on windy days since the blanket is light and the windy easily picks it up.

Brittney Peters
Looks Great. Good Size. Works Amazing

A waterproof picnic blanket is great to have riding around in the back of my car. I like the waterproof part because it really makes a difference if the grass is slightly damp. It isn't the softest blanket in the world but it doesn't need to be it just needs to be a barrier between me and the earth. Its a big step up from a tarp those that is kind of what it sounds like to sit on.

Really pretty!

This would be a great gift, it's well-made. It made me smile upon unboxing, it's cute when folded into the carry position.

I ordered this for a family photoshoot and so glad I did. Due to the attractive design, we were able to include it in a couple of shots of us walking together along the path to the river. It was comfy to sit on and the colors came through beautifully.

Since then I have been giving it" h - e -double- hockey - stick" at the park with the grandkids. It does great! One less thing for me to carry as it's lightweight and well-balanced so that a 5-year-old can run with it when in the carrying position. I like that the waterproof side, it sheds sand and dirt quickly by just shaking the blanket. We don't get a lot of rain in Arizona but it will come in handy at the river this spring for tubing.

Mae Bartley
This is an excellent value for a picnic

I love this picnic blanket. It’s easy to carry, lightweight, cool and comfortable to sit on, washable, and très chic. Easy peasy for a picnic or concerts in the park.

Janice Huddle
PERFECT for Picnics!

I absolutely love this blanket. We've used it countless times in every type of environment imaginable and it has proven to be the best investment for picnics and relaxing outdoors ever! The leather strap is super convenient, and the blanket is so easy to clean and very durable. Would buy a thousand times over!