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Popsy-The Octonauts Popsicle Molds

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Popsy-The Octonauts Popsicle Molds

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Keep Your Days Cool This Summer!

Summer is always full of excitement and anticipation. Warm and sunny days, with most of the time in the park, rivers, beach. But isn’t it nice to share an ice cream or popsicle while staying under the sun? However, those in the grocery stores look boring and constantly taste the same? How about doing these sweet, fruit-flavored, and cool pops on your own to impress your kids, nieces, nephews, or even your neighbors? If you like, you can start your DIY popsicle summer adventure by getting this Popsy; an Octonauts inspired molder that kids and adults will surely love!

Popsy is an Octonauts inspired molder with characters like Captain Barnacles, Shellington, Dashi, and many more! It is made with high-quality PP materials that are non-toxic to keep your kids safe while licking and eating your homemade popsicle sticks. Its material is also soft that is easier to release and clean. So get this now and let your kids enjoy every flavor of popsicle you can create.


Best Features of the Best Popsicle Mold in the Market: 


  • Easy Release Ice Pop Maker: Did you have any experience with buying a popsicle molder, but you had a hard time getting it out when it’s time to eat? With Popsy, you will never have to reencounter this ordeal! With its soft rubber molder, releasing the popsicle will be smooth and easy. 
  • Clean it in Every Corner– Other molders are made in plastic and are so hard to clean in their corners that some residues remain. But with Popsy material, cleaning is so effortless that no remnants are left behind. 
  • It is Made of High-quality PP Material– Looking for a durable popsicle molder that can stay this summer and the many years after? Look no further and get Popsy to enjoy your summer and thereafter. 
  • Soft, Non-toxic, and Leaves no After Taste– Are you worried that some things you buy in the market are harmful to your kids? Don’t worry as Popsy is non-toxic, soft, and doesn’t leave any taste, making everyone safe. 
  • Creative Design– Set aside your traditional and dull-looking molders and get our Octonauts inspired product to spice up your summer morning and afternoons. 
  • Explore Other Flavors– Aside from juices, you can also make your popsicles from yogurts and other fruit-flavored liquids with different colors to make your family and kids happy. 


What’s summer without some frozen treats? While you can always visit the grocery store and pick up some Popsicles, why limit yourself to red, green, yellow, and purple? Put that creativity to good use and get a little more creative with your ice pops this summer.

Create up to six different mini pops at a time with the Popsy Popsicle Mold. Forget fighting with the tray to get your pop, when your pops are frozen, simply pull out your mini pop and enjoy!

These pops are the perfect size for children, which makes them an excellent addition to any family or party!


  • Size: 24.3×12.7×13cm
  • Material: Shell/Rod: Polypropylene
  • Linning: Food grade silica gel
  • Color: Blue
  • weight: 320g

Package Include: 

  • 1*popsicle molder