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MatoSprinkle Stainless Steel Automatic Kitchen Spice Grinder

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MatoSprinkle Stainless Steel Automatic Kitchen Spice Grinder

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Spice Goodness… Served on the Table

Add a touch of luxury to your table settings with this automatic spice grinder that serves spice goodness on the table.

Do you want to add a luxe twist to your dining experience?

The MatoSprinkle takes inspiration from the classic spice grinders that you have to manually operate with your hands. This elevated product makes the process automatic. With one tilt of the cannister, the motor and blade will bring out spices and herbs straight on your plate. The blade includes smart knob operations that instantly adjust the coarseness and fineness of the spice and herb you are getting.

A simple and high-end product that can enhance the character of the kitchen. It is powered by a 6 triple-A battery. The body is made of acrylic material. Wherein when the product is decomposed, you can now the internal cleaning product and use it hygienically. The particle adjustment lever can adjust the particle thickness and can be used according to your preference.

  • Luxury at its finest. The MatoSprinkle is made of stainless steel with a satin finish.
  • Corrosion-proof ceramic grinding mechanisms. You’ll get topnotch ingredients all the time.
  • An acrylic window that displays the contents and fills level..
  • Separate compartment for batteries for ease and convenience.


Designed for Speed and Convenience. Say goodbye to the exhausting process of using manual grinders. The MatoSprinkle allows you to work with convenience. The operation is simple – simply tilt the device and MatoSprinkle will do the work. The device takes cue from gravity – when the ingredients are concentrated on the bottom, the MatoSprinkle will start grinding right on your plate.

Ideal for All Types of Ingredients. Great for pepper, leaves, salt, sugar, and chilis, barks, and many more!

Guaranteed to Last for a Long Time. The MotoSprinkle is made from acrylic material – it is not prone from breaking and cracking. The fine steel motor is made with non-corrosive features to ensure you will get the finest quality of grounded ingredients for a long, long time.

Safety Indicator Present
The MatoSprinkle comes with an innovative pepper mill which dispenses spice with blue led light turning on to signal that the pepper grinder is in operation.

You Can Adjust Coarseness The Way You Want It.
By turning the adjustable knob mechanism at the top of the grinder, you can easily adjust the coarseness from super fine to harshly coarse.
Push the knob to the preferred setting and get as much of pepper or salt as you want in a split second.


  • Material: stainless steel 201, abs, acrylic, ceramic grinding core
  • Size: about 6.3 * 20 cm / 2.48 * 7.87 inch
  • Packing: pp bag + neutral graphic carton
  • Color: as is shown in the picture
  • Battery: 6 pcs aaa batteries (not included)

How to Use the MatoSprinkle

  1.  Unscrew the lower part of transparent chamber with clockwise direction and remove it from the body
  2. Fill the pepper corns or sea salt into the chamber. don’t over fill. keep the pepper corns or sea salt 80% full in the chamber as maximum limit.
  3. Replace the chamber to the body and unscrew it to fix.

Operating Your Pepper Mill:

  1. Turn it over your gravity pepper mill to start working. The blue LED light will turn on automatically, no buttons to press or manual grinding.
  2. Adjust the top adjuster to grind your pepper corns or sea salt with fine to coarse.

Packcage Include

  • 2*spice grinder