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HomeGourmet Low Noise Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, Sous Vide Machine

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HomeGourmet Low Noise Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, Sous Vide Machine

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Sous Vide is a well-kept secret of how professional chefs serve gourmet meals with perfectly cooked meat every time. Now, you can get the same restaurant-quality results at home effortlessly with the HomeGourmet Low Noise Sous Vide Immersion Circulator.

This user-friendly tool helps you maintain the consistent water temperature required for the sous vide cooking method. Control the temperature and time through the LCD screen with just a few clicks and minimum noise. It also includes a built-in mounting clip that will stay securely fastened on the side of the pot for fuss-free sous vide cooking.

Enjoy deliciously cooked meat with all its mouth-watering juices, nutrients, and flavors locked in any time at home.


  • High Temperature and Time Control. This device can simultaneously heat, circulate, and regulate the water. The built-in timer with a countdown function helps you keep track of your food.
  • Designed for Beginners, Pro Chefs, and Food Lovers. A simple control interface with a bright LCD screen makes it easy to use at home and helps you achieve perfectly cooked meat every time.
  • Powerful Sous Vide Cooking. With a 1100w powerful heating element, this device can rapidly warm a large volume of water and continuously keep it warm as your food cooks.
  • All at The Push of A Button. The digital touchscreen has everything you need to successfully cook sous vide steaks and meats at home. It doesn’t require an app or Bluetooth connection.
  • Quick Check with Three Light Colors. The device features 3 lights to help you get a quick check on your food. Blue is when it has reached the set time, green for temperature, and red for when it’s heating.
  • 50db Low-Noise Cooking. The brushless DC motor provides a quieter and more peaceful cooking experience that won’t disturb your sleeping infant, family, or guests.
  • Energy-Efficient and Modern Design. The sleek silhouette and streamlined design make this device easy to store, convenient to reach for, and a perfect fit in your stylish kitchen.
  • Safe and Consistent Cooking. This device has a secure locking clip that can be attached to any pot and a premium stainless steel tube that safely circulates water at the right temperature.

How to Use

  1. Attach to any of your existing pots at home.
  2. Add water to reach between the maximum or minimum line.
  3. Set the temperature and time on the LCD touch screen.
  4. Put your food in a vacuum-sealed bag and drop it in the pot.
  5. Let the device cook your food at a precise and consistent temperature.
  6. When the timer rings, take out your tender and moist meat.
  7. Finish off by searing or grilling to add a crispy, golden exterior layer.
  8. Enjoy your gourmet meal at home with your family and friends!

Product Specifications

  • Materials: Stainless steel tube
  • Input Power: AC110 to 130V
  • Power: 1100W, 50/60Hz
  • Temperature range: 32℉ to 203℉
  • Timer: Up to 99hours

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x Sous Vide Machine
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Recipe

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Patricia Lee
Good Product

I recently used it to prepare a beef tenderloin to take on a houseboat camp out. I cooked the tenderloin in itfor about 3 hours at 135 F. I then put it on ice to take to the outing. On the houseboat, I let it set at room temperature while preparing the side dishes and pre-heated the grill for searing. I then seared the meat on the hot grill. It was perfect medium-rare, very tender and very popular with the family. Most importantly, it was VERY easy and quick way to serve a perfectly grilled tenderloin.

Amy Noel
Good Product

The cooker works like a champ. I've had it about 2 months now and have cooked multiple meats and vegetables with it including an entire turkey for Thanksgiving. This was hands-down the best, most tender, juicy turkey we have ever had. The beauty of sous vide is that moisture cannot escape from the item you are cooking! The meat literally fell right off the bone after 26 hours in a hot bath of water. I was able to give the outside a good crisp outside by putting it on the pellet grill (or oven would work) for about 45 minutes.

Gerald Wright
Worth it!!!

It’s SO EASY to use and steaks and roasts turn out PERFECTLY!!! I like my steak rare to medium rare so I set the temp in 125 for 2.5 hours then seared it on high in a cast iron skillet…PERFECTION! Thoroughly cooked, no worries about overcooking, the device is quiet and easy to operate! Seriously the best and my
most favorite kitchen appliance ever!

Brent Spruill
Great purchase!

Heard about cooking steaks with this method and thought I'd give it a shot. Wife was skeptical, but changed her mind when she tasted the steak. It was cooked to perfection. Have warmed turkey for thanksgiving. I haven't used for other foods. Tried to make potatoes and steak, but they need to cook at different temps.

Marina Zahn
Great purchase!

I bought this to pasteurize cider and ginger beer, but decided to try it for cooking. I cooked a couple steaks and carrots. Wow! Steaks were exactly like fine restaurants, tender and full of flavor. Steaks were finished on the stove grill for browning. Carrots were the best ever. Used a little butter and maple syrup. This method of cooking takes time but if you have time and enjoy fine food, it’s well worth it. I love cooking, so it works for me. It is really something for true chefs or those that enjoy cooking with precision for the best results.