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HarxaStmm Handheld Portable Steamer For Clothes with Intense, Anti-wrinkle Heat Capacity, Fast Steaming, Ergonomic Handles, and Portable Design for Travel

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HarxaStmm Handheld Portable Steamer For Clothes with Intense, Anti-wrinkle Heat Capacity, Fast Steaming, Ergonomic Handles, and Portable Design for Travel

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



The Portable, Travel-friendly Clothes Steamer With Intense Heating Capacity, and Steaming Technology That Eliminates All Kinds of Wrinkles In Just a Few Seconds!

Opt for the Safe But Effective Way of Achieving Wrinkle-free Clothes! The Portable HarxaStmm Can Replace Your Bulky, Space Consuming Flat Iron!

Going into important events looking put-together is important as it leaves a lasting impression to people you’re interacting with. A clean, crisp, sleek ensemble can create a major difference. 

There’s just one problem – sometimes, you have to carry a bulky, space-consuming flat iron with you! And that can cause too much hassle, and too much risks!

Good thing there’s HarxaStmm, a topnotch clothes steamer that features the function of a flat iron without too much electric consumption, and with the same wrinkle-busting capacity like a regular iron! 

Safe, strong, and efficient in eliminating wrinkles from your clothes, the travel-friendly HarxaStmm can be your new buddy during business trips, interviews, and conferences! If you’re also planning to switch to a safer way of de-wrinkling your clothing, HarxaStmm is for you!


  • Comes with new advanced steam technology for faster, more efficent way of ironing clothes. The steam of the HarxaStmm is now faster and stronger. The steam is ready in just 90 seconds. With a more concentrated heat capacity, the HarxaStmm can handle both thick and lightweight fabric.
  • Portable clothes steamer with multiple function – it can iron, clean, sterilize, treat, refresh, humidify. The HarxaStmm not only makes clothes sleek and wrinkle free. It also has germ-busting capacity that helps sterilize clothes. The treat, refresh, humidify function gives you better-smelling clothes with a clean feel.
  • 100% safe to use because it’s made with topnotch safety standard. The HarxaStmm is manufactured under strict safety guidelines. The device features an automatic shut-off system when it gets hot or when the water is too low. Its new nozzle design offers a dry but powerful vapor experience. The perfect gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.
  • Removes all types of wrinkles from different kinds of fabrics. This powerful garment steamer is highly effective and gentle for all types of garments or fabric. Instantly erases wrinkles from suits, shirts, dresses, and delicates, even bedding or curtains. Perfect for last minute ironing emergencies – you can save time, money and don’t let weeds and wrinkles ruin your moments or trips
  • Lightweight and portable handheld clothes steamer that’s ideal for travel and trips. You can easily store the HarxaStmm in your travel bags! The perfect device for clothes care on the go.

Why is steam cooking better than ironing?

  • A steamer is definitely gentler on fabrics than a traditional iron.
  • HarxaStmm is light and compact enough to take with you everywhere.
  • The hot steam eliminates the odors present in the clothes.

An ideal travel companion.

  • HarxaStmm is 100% portable for travel and easy to pack or store.
  • Authorized by the TSA to be stored in a carry-on bag.


  • Continuous outgassing time: about 7-8 minutes
  • Water tank capacity: 150ML
  • Product size: 8x12x21cm
  • Outgassing time: about 90S
  • Line length: 2.5m
  • Voltage: 110V, 220V
  • Power: 800w

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jennifer K.rodriquez
Very effective for clothing and for steam during illness!

Got this handy steamer and love it. It heats fast, steams out the wrinkles very quickly and that is enough to justify the purchase. But bonus: when I had a very bad flu with a lot of chest congestion last spring, I used this to create warm steam to help me breathe while I sipped hot lemon ginger tea and it helped a lot. BE CAREFUL TO AVOID BURNS if you try this--it's not meant for this purpose, and steam is obviously dangerously hot, but if you don't have a bathtub or humidifier and don't want to waste hot shower water, this is a very handy alternative and it made a big difference for me during coughing fits. It's small--which makes it very easy to use, but also means it needs refilling fairly often--usually after every 2–3 shirts or so--but it's very easy to fill. I recommend distilled water to avoid deposits, but soaking it with a little diluted vinegar and scrubbing with a toothbrush cleaned out the minerals. Very satisfied with this purchase.

Kelly C. freeman
Love this little steamer!

I am very pleased with this portable steamer. It is a great alternative to dragging out the old ironing board and iron. I use it often. I previous owned a very large and expensive steamer. It was a pain to use and store so I rarely bothered with it and eventually trashed it. This little steamer stores easily and is so easy to use.
My purchase experience was perfect and I am completely satisfied.

ruby D. Sewell
Highly recommend

Love this little steamer! Worked great on two sets of curtains that had been in storage for some time and were very wrinkled. I travel a lot and this will definitely be coming with me as it is small enough to pack away. Good value for the price.

william J. Ward
Works great!

My wife needed a new steamer for our travels - we just went to Disney and her steamer broke, so I got her this new one.

She’s very happy with it. Works just like her old one so she was pleased with that. Easily handles wrinkles and lasted for several articles of clothing

cassandra D. Delozier
Exceeds expectations!

This steamer exceeded my expectations! It is *ACTUALLY* ready to use in 60 seconds or less. You can see in my video that it was under a minute from the time I flipped the power switch to the time it started emitting a strong stream of steam. (Say that three times fast.) It's so much faster and more convenient than an iron. Not only is it quick, it also does a great job getting rid of wrinkles! You can see the difference it made in my shower curtain. I've had that curtain up for more than 3 months and the wrinkles were just as prominent as they were the day I removed it from the packaging. Now they're gone! This steamer is small and easily portable. It would be very easy to pack it in a suitcase in the event that I need wrinkle-free clothes while traveling.