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FlivoTrez Automatic Fly Trap for Picnics, Outdoor Gatherings, Camping

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

FlivoTrez Automatic Fly Trap for Picnics, Outdoor Gatherings, Camping

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Enjoy a fly-free event outdoors.

Flies are disgusting and annoying – they can be a big eyesore when they’re buzzing around your tables and landing on your furniture. But beyond their icky look, flies are downright dangerous. You will never truly know the kind of bacteria and germs these little pests are carrying. If you’re staying outdoors soaking in the sun, or if you’re about to splurge on a nice meal with your family, or if you are opening your house just so you can get that delicious summer brightness, the last thing you would want is a swarm of flies threatening your food and space. This is a huge reason why you need to have FlivoTrez in your essentials.

Designed to Keep Flies Out. 

The FlivoTrez is designed by experts to keep stubborn flies out of your dining area, backyard, and indoor spaces.

The features of the FlivoTrez come from the biggest discovery that dots refract/bend light scares the insects. Bending light is not a part of their DNA. In their little fly minds, the bending colored lights are not normal in nature and it appears dangerous to them. When there is a disruption like this, they will always choose to go somewhere else. The design is what makes FlivoTrez good in keeping flies and mosquitoes out for good. 

No fly will ever land on your beloved casserole. You can finally enjoy a conversation over an outdoor meal without swatting flies all the time. This is a lightweight, odor-free fan you place on top of your outdoor or picnic table to keep flies from dive-bombing your food. Completely safe and 100% dangerous to flies only, the FlivoTrez can make your picnics, backyard dates, and outdoor meals more enjoyable. 

The device that lets you enjoy the outdoors even more. Sunbathe, play cards, sit by the pool, or dine out on the back deck without kamikaze flies landing on you or hovering over your food. 

Wireless, safe, easy to control Blades. Blades come to a stop if something touches them, then resume as soon as the obstacle is removed.

No need for chemical-based repellents that are harmful to health. 
Chemicals are unsafe to use around food and drinks; plus, they can be harmful to children and pets. FlivoTrez is chemical-free so It won’t disrupt your meal with strong odors or put your family’s health at risk.

Gentle, Quick-Stop Blades

This repellent comes with soft and flexible blades that detect your hand approaching and stop spinning! This means when you’re ready to load up your plate – the fan won’t get in the way.

Enjoy Picnics, Cookouts, and Outdoor Meals Without Pesky Flies!

Host BBQ cookout parties, enjoy relaxing drinks with friends, go camping, sit by the poolside, or have a simple weekend meal with your family. All free from pests!


  • Power: Two AA batteries(Not contain batteries).
  • Size: 1.4 x 1.4 x 3.9 inches.
  • Color: Black/ Silver/Golden.

Package Include:

  • 1 x Automatic Fly Trap.


  • The product does not contain batteries, Please prepare yourself.
  • Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed in the pictures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Richard Jacobus
Keeps the flys away!

It works great when dining outside and the flys are a problem. It has a soft blade that goes around like a helicopter. The flys don't like the action of the blades or the wind it creates, so they stay away.

Amy Hermann
Flies begone!

It's crazy how well these little fans work. Placed on outdoor eating areas you will not see one of the pesky things--even with food on the table. I bought several for our patio and have been very very pleased.

Buffy J. Turner
Game Changer!

Had not eaten on the back patio for years - until these! We take them with us to outdoor venues and everyone wants to know about them! ((We deserve a commission for how many we have recommended!). Its like having someone constantly swish away the flies on your table with their hand. It’s not going to clear a large area; just enough to keep flies away from food/drinks. Buy a few - you won’t be sorry!

Gerard Seguin
It works!

We were a bit skeptical buying this little device. But knowing you can return, we decided to give it a go. It works!!! No flies around us while we chillax around the dinner table outside. Very very good overall; finish is nice and it's super quiet. I only wish I had more than one. I may buy one or two more. Really like it though!

Dorothy nicodemus
Works like a charm

We have a favorite restaurant where we like to eat outside but there is one major problem: flies! We spend so much time shooing them away it takes away from the enjoyment of our meal. I thought we would give this product a try and see if it kept the flies away. It worked like a charm. The flies were really annoyed with us and stayed away for the most part. We did have a couple that tried
To pay us a visit but decided otherwise when they got close. We really like the product but have only used it once. Everyone stopped by our table to ask about it.