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Flarf-Feeders Squirrel-Proof, Hanging Metal Outdoor Bird Feeder

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Flarf-Feeders Squirrel-Proof, Hanging Metal Outdoor Bird Feeder

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Take Care of Birds Risk-Free. This Squirrel-Proof, Easy to Use, and Bird-Friendly Feeder is the Best Feeding Station for Your Garden and Bird Coops!

Our Flarf-Feeders Bird Feeder is designed to create the best spot for birds to hang out, feast, and relax without causing them stress. It’s perfect to use outdoors, like in your garden, and enjoy watching wild birds play around. Or, use it in your bird coops to ensure they stay well-fed every day!

Equipped with a squirrel-proof frame with stainless steel and wire handles, you can conveniently place this anywhere and ensure a stress-free environment for all birds.

✅ Perfect for migrant birds like Hummingbirds, American Goldfinches, Songbirds, etc
✅ Suitable for creating an easy access feeding station for Bird or Chicken Coops
✅ Great addition to your backyard, garden, deck, balcony, or front porch that gets daily visits from wild birds

Why choose the Flarf-Feeder?

#1. Designed with Four Feeding Ports and Squirrel-Proof Design

Our newly designed bird feeder features a 1.3-pounds capacity feeding tube with an iron net and 4 feeding ports. These upgrades solve most birdwatchers’ and caretakers’ problems, such as birdseed poaching, messy feeders, and constant refilling.

#2. Provides Excellent Clearance and Attracts Birds Effectively

The Flarf-Feeder provides an 18.5” clearance on all sides, perfect for all bird lovers since it attracts many birds, like American Gold Finches, Hairy Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Indigo Pennants, Grosbeaks, Rose-breasted Nuthatches, and Purple Finches. The height and overall clearance of the Flarf-Feeder also make it the best feeder for bird and chicken coops.

#3. Seed Ventilation System

The seed ventilation system keeps the seed fresh longer than regular bird feeders on the market. It also features a green powder-coated finish for rust-resistant and better performance. With this, you’re assured that your feeds are maximized with little to no wastage.

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#4. Durable Metal & Material

The shell of this feeder is made of solid and environmentally friendly metal material, which is excellent in terms of hardness and quality. It also comes with an attractive green rust-resistant powder coat finish that helps maintain the freshness of the bird seeds inside.

#5. Perfect Design

The Flarf-Feeder comes fully assembled and ready to hang. It is also matched with a capacity food bucket that works well with mixed seeds, mealworms, niger seeds, sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, safflower, cracked corn, etc. Further, the Flarf-Feeder Bird Feeder features a roof to prevent the sun and rain from damaging the goodies inside. A transparent acrylic baffle is used around to observe the amount of food at any time, and the drain holes are designed at the bottom to keep the food dry.

#6. Ideal Gift for Birdwatching Enthusiasts and Beginners

This bird feeder is very easy to install. It’s a premium decoration in your home or outdoor, which at the same time serves as a stress reliever. Everyone, including your children, parents, and pets, will appreciate and cherish nature by watching the wild songbird. It is a phenomenal experience to watch and name the birds with your loving ones!

NOTE: Please keep the feeder clean by washing it with neutral soap and water solution before adding food.


  • Considerate Design & Easy to Assemble
  • Removable Roof & Easy to Clean and Refill
  • Weatherproof, Suitable for All Seasons
  • Mixed Seeds Feeder
  • Squirrel Proof Feeder
  • Big Birds Proof Feeder
  • UV-Resistance Feeder
  • Drop Resistant Feeder
  • Long Service Life


  • Weight:0.67 kg
  • Material: Polished Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 5.2*5.2*15.15″
  • Feeding Ports: 4 feeding Port

Package Includes

  • 1x Heavy Duty Bird Feeder
  • 1x Assembly Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mary sandoval
Bird Feeder

I also bought wild bird seed to go with this bird feeder and the birds come all throughout the day having a lovely and fulfilling time. We so enjoy watching them and the same with our 3 hummingbird feeders.

Morgan S. Bohnsack
Good size bird feeder

Its sturdy and love the way it looks in my garden. So easy to add the bird seed and hang up. Looks good in my garden. Now to wait for birds to come.

Phil fitzsimmons
Great product!

Love it and so do the birds! It is really meant for smaller birds, my blue jays have a little trouble using it. Also, rain gets in easily so I bought a plastic punch bowl to put over it and it did the trick!

Graham D. Weaver
Local birds love it!

Had this bird feeder for about 8 months, and boy do the small birds love it. The raccoons seem to love it to when it's available to them, so make sure you zip tie this thing to your hanger. No complaints for this feeder, tho I want to get another feeder designed to accommodate larger birds perching as this one is definitely too small for most birds.

Peggy R. Moore
Solid bird feeder for your yard!

Great feeder for our yard. Great quality, resists Chicago winds, holds the food pretty well, and the birds love it! Highly recommend