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FlapTrap Reusable Fly Trap - The Ranch Outdoor Fly Trap Killer Bug Cage Net Perfect For Horses


FlapTrap Reusable Fly Trap - The Ranch Outdoor Fly Trap Killer Bug Cage Net Perfect For Horses

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Are you always disgusted and irritated to see those flies flying all around your house? Are you looking for an effective but cheaper alternative to get rid of them? There is no need to look further, as FlapTrap is here to eliminate all those flies and other insects with its simple operation and environment-friendly lures.

FlapTrap is made from high-quality net and design that you only need lures that you can find in your house to get all the flies. It doesn’t need any complicated mechanical operations to eliminate all these filthy insects that carry contagious diseases from the outside—a great alternative to all those devices with chemicals. Get this now and protect your food and family all the time!

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Customer Reviews

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Paula Patterson

I could be a salesperson for these! I have free range chickens so flies are a major issue and not just in the coup. I have a lot of company and they are absolutely amazed! These are the best things ever! Haven't emptied one yet, but even if it doesn't last through emptying process I will just buy more!!

Paul McPherson
Works! Easy to use!

Works! Placed a raw egg in the bowl with some water and bring on the flies! Add egg about once a week with shell and keep moist. Takes about 2 days to get started but I now have hundreds of dead flies! I live on a large property with a creek so the biting flies get really bad. I have six catchers up and will be purchasing six more for the other side of the creek.

The only down side is when they’re full they’re done... no dumping the flies. It’s trash and you have to repurchase.

Gregory Walker
Work great

I used these in Wyoming at our lodge and after we moved to Phoenix full time I bought these cause the flies were really bad a couple months ago. They really work! I used fresh dog poop and caught hundreds of flies so we could sit on our patio undisturbed! and I have an endless supply of bait!!! LOL but it's gotta be fresh!

Brian Adams
Thes traps are awesome!

I've baited with cantaloupe rind it it works like magic. Thousands of flies have been caught in my chicken yard and only one or two are seen here or there. I've also used the stinky commercial bait you add to water and it works great too! Problem is it smells horrible. The melon rind as it rots lures the flies on hot days and there is no bad odor! Highly effective fly control. Once it's full simply throw away it's so inexpensive 6 traps last the entire season and my neighbors are happy to be in a fly free zone!Here are two of them.

Melvin Foust

Bought for a friend with horses, after using them successfully myself. Never seen anything trap flies like these traps. Got flies? Get these!