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DrapeDrix USB Electric Heated Blanket with Adjustable Heat Settings

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

DrapeDrix USB Electric Heated Blanket with Adjustable Heat Settings

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



The Benefit of a Traditional Blanket Made Even Better –

Introducing the DrapeDrix!

Putting on the DrapeDrix is like being enveloped in a warm hug – it’s comforting, warming, and healing when the cold is becoming too much to bear. If your regular blankets aren’t doing the job anymore – despite bundling up ten of them together – it’s time to make the switch to an electric blanket that will keep you warm all winter long.

The DrapeDrix Difference: Why Choose DrapeDrix

🤗Luxury softness without skimping on the heat. The DrapeDrix feels like a hug – a warm, comforting hug. You get both ultra softness and quality heat.

🤗Warmth comes fast – you don’t have to wait for minutes! After a long day, it’s understandable if all you want is to be enveloped in relaxing heat. Don’t wait too long – the DrapeDrix can get you feeling the heat in seconds.

🤗The heated blanket comes with adjustable heat settings. Get the temperature that suits your taste – that’s the DrapeDrix assurance.

🤗Safe for the skin! Warm to the skin, without the harm to the skin!

🤗The electric blanket that’s so easy to maintain! Machine-washable blankets that can stay with you for a long, long time.


DrapeDrix Features

  • Made of Coral fleece, the DrapeDrix wraps you in quality heat. The material for the DrapeDrix makes it possible for you to enjoy a warmth the moment you wrap it around you.
  • The electric blanket with 8 carbon fiber heating for quick, even heating. The design of the DrapeDrix distributes heat fast. You won’t have to deal with uneven heating – the carbon fiber with quality length allows the blanket to feel warm from tip to tip.
  • Adjustable heated blankets with three temperature settings. You have preference on the type of heat you want to achieve. There’s low, medium, and high settings you can choose from.
  • Can be washed by hand or machine. The heated blanket is 100% machine-wash compatible.
  • You can charge this conveniently anywhere you want. The USB port of the DrapeDrix makes charging the blanket so easy.
  • Comes in the right height for your bed and for your office. This multipurpose blanket can be conveniently used on the bed, on your couch, on your office, or in your meditation room. It’s so versatile – you can use it anywhere you like.


  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Coral fleece
  • SIZE: about 150 * 85cm(59*33.4in)
  • Power: mobile power (not included)
  • Temperature Mode:High mode, approx. 60 (±5)℃; Medium mode, approx. 50 (±5)℃; Low mode, approx. 40 (±5)℃

Package Included: 1 x Heating Blanket


  • Power bank is not included.
  • Press the button for 3s  to be on/off and short press to change the heating modes;
  • low-white, mid-blue, high-red, the temperature is 40 – 60℃/ 104 – 140 °F;
  • This product is a zipper not buttons(Upgraded version with 8 carbon fiber heating elements generate heat quickly and evenly.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Linda Salazar
Very durable and you can adjust the temperature.

Given that this blanket is very light weight, I was surprised how durable it is. I sleep in this blanket, and keep it on through the whole night. I usually keep it on the lowest temperatures setting - I have used the higher temperature settings only on a few occasions. So far everything works great.

Angela Weems

Really happy that I purchased this blanket back in January! It's wonderful to come back inside after shoveling snow or just being outside, snuggling under the blanket, and turning it on! Heats up quickly, keeps you warm, and it's easy to clean - just toss it in the washing machine.

Alice Dauphin
Best heating blanket ever

Great Product... Will definitely buy more in the future when needed! Great temperature control, very soft and comfortable and easy to maintain! Would recommend to everyone! Buy this item anytime of the year! Great to have for all occasions!

Betty Baltimore
Works well

My husband is always cold and I am always hot. This blanket was to perfect answer for our bed. It is small enough that it fits only on his side of the bed and keeps him toasty warm without over heating me.

Brandi Bailey
It is wonderful!

I have used this for about 1 weeks now and it is a wonderful warming throw. I keep it on my easy chair and when I am watching TV, it keeps me warm and cozy. You would not be disappointed in either the warmth or how soft it feels. It is one of the best purchases I have made,